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Zsight app download pc mac
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How to download and use the zsight app in the windows and mac pc

Nowadays we are having many devices in our house only. Because of the easy availability of the internet, we are able to make our house much smarter by making use of different gadgets. There is a whole technology of Internet of things is there to help us to be smarter and digital. However, to manage all the device is not an easy task especially if you have a tight schedule. You need to take care of the home while being in the office. To provide a solution of such genuine problems developers have tried to create applications. zsight is one of the perfect solutions for managing the cameras of your entire house or to be specific to your IP. The app helps to watch the video of the connected devices in the IP. Not just watching, you can record the videos, take a snapshot of video anytime, store the clip in local storage, and record the audio sound of the device, talk to the peoples or pets. Hence, there are multiple uses of the app and it really helps to manage all the cameras just by seating in one place.

Top features of zsight

  • Help to stream live video from any device of the IP
  • Record the video and save in local storage
  • Take a snap from the live video
  • Easily manage all the devices by adding in the app
  • Listen to the audio and talk with other peoples as well
  • Share your device with friends or family
  • Add new devices simply by QR code scanning
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How to use the zsight app in windows pc?

  1. Some simulator available helps to run the android app in the pc. One of the widely used is Bluestack, so install the bluestack app in the windows pc
  2. Go to the google play store in bluestack and install the zsight app by searching it.
  3. Once done with the installation, open the app and create your account on the app.
  4. You can add the devices just by scanning QR code or manually typing the address.
  5. After this quick setup, you can choose the device from the homepage and watch live footage.

How to use the zsight app in mac pc?

  1. The app is available in the app store as well, and for Apple devices like iPad, iPod, apple phones etc. you can simply download the app and use it.
  2. For using the app in Mac PC, install an android simulator for the Mac OS and install the zsight app inside it.
  3. Once the installation is a complete procedure of setup and use is the same as the normal smartphone.
  4. The app is very user-friendly and self-explanatory. Users can just install it and start using it within seconds.

That is all about the process of installation and usage of the zsight app. If you are looking for some app to manage all the devices in your IP, then this app could be the best solution for your problem. You just need an internet connection and a smartphone or PC to manage all the devices and watch live footage of the entire house at one place.

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