YouTube Premium APK Download For Android, Windows PC And Mac (Latest Version)

The youtube premium apk is a service offered by YouTube. It is a subscription-based service that offers premium services to the users so that they can enjoy free music, advertisements free video experience, background video play, pop-up video, and all the YouTube Originals. This service is something that has been in demand by the people for a very long time.  The YouTube premium app fulfills this demand of the people by providing them these premium services.  

What is the YouTube Premium app?

Nowadays everyone loves to watch videos and stream live videos online. YouTube has emerged as one of the hottest and most trending platforms where users can enjoy free videos and audios for entertainment and informative purposes. YouTube Premium offers additional benefits to the subscribed users.  

YouTube premium app lets the users access all the premium features just as the YouTube Premium allows.  It has the same design, UI and Google-Account sign-in system.  If one wants to access the app, they have to take the APK from any user that is already subscribed and get those features through API and link it to their personal account when they are subscribing.  This app consists of all the features and main functions of the original YouTube App and also with many additional features that make it so utterly user-friendly. The user has to sign in to their Google Account and sync their data with an existing account and this will ensure that the personal data and information will be safe.  

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This app is not a malware version of the YouTube app. It is more like a counterfeit variant of the YouTube Premium that uses the original API that is sourced from the premium version of the app and then codes it to create a YouTube app that has rich features such as background playback, box minimized videos and the user doesn’t have to pay anything for these services.  

Features of YouTube Premium App

YouTube Premium App has all the features that are offered by subscription-based YouTube alongside with similar major UI and application plan along with influential features such as video and audio downloader straight to gadget storage with manifold resolution support.

Some of those features are as follows-

  • The main functionality and UI are essentially is similar to the official YouTube App.
  • The youtube premium apk is advertisement-free so the users can loosen up and watch their favorite content with no disturbance. An ad-free experience offers more comfort and satisfaction to the users.  
  • The user can play YouTube videos in the background through a one-click key.
  • The users can decrease the video and take a small part of the screen so that you do other stuff on your device.
  • The user can switch between the dark and white mode on the Android device.
  • The user can enable and disable remarks and suggestions on videos.
  • This app supports Android 4.4+ and offer high stability and support. 
  • The app runs corresponding with default YouTube application.
  • The users do not need any source access to the Application.

Key points of the application

The users can access YouTube Music without paying any money with the use of YouTube Premium Modified Application. YouTube Music is offered by Google for the quality users where they can stream whatever songs they please in an Audio-only style. This model consists of all the conventional as well as latest music files. By using the YouTube Music APK the users will get all the features except some. For example, users cannot download videos and audios offline. The user will need to download the MicroG application to log in with the Google Account. Some of the most popular features on the YouTube Music Premium APK are Background music and video play, interest-based music, Google Assist addition, Equalizer, Ad-Free streaming, captions, and playlist formation.

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How to download the app?

It is extremely simple to download this app.  Here are some simple steps on how you can download the app-

  • Download the youtube premium apk
  • Install on android, PC or Mac device.  The user has to first enable unknown sources in their device’s security by going on settings.  
  • Install and download MicroG APK.
  • Open the YouTube Music Premium app and log into the account.
  • Enjoy free music and videos on YouTube.

Here is the link to download the YouTube Premium APK – 

Frequently asked questions

Does YouTube Premium APK block ads?

This app blocks all the YouTube ads. The users can enjoy the YouTube videos without any trouble.

Does this feature Background play?

Background Playback is a feature of YouTube Premium. One can play videos even out the YouTube in desktop mode. One can minimize the YouTube app and at the same time enjoy the video as the music won’t stop. This app allows the user to run and play the same video over and over again. 

Does the app have multiple themes?

This app has several types of themes. The user can select from their choice and apply the theme they like most.

What to do when facing login issues with the app?

If a user is unable to login to the app, uninstall chrome or disable the chrome app and re-install it. The user can also clear the data on their device and the cache memory.  Make certain that the microG app is installed.  All the permissions must be granted to the YouTube under the application settings in the device.  

This application is for sure the best variant of YouTube App considering all the features and stability it offers to the users. The App even has a lot of features that are not offered in the conventional YouTube App.

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