YouTube Kids For Windows PC & Mac Computers | Complete Guideline

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Guide on how to use youtube kids for pc and mac?                

YouTube Kids For Windows PC & Mac Computers | Complete Guideline 1
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Restricted usage of the internet can prove to be very beneficial for the young ones. Kids become curious and ask a lot of questions, and video sharing platforms such as YouTube helps in making them understand answers. Understanding answers and other concepts through videos is easier as they are accompanied by animation or content that breaks down each step and progress slowly. With appropriate visual examples, kids grasp the concept firmly and remember them for a lifetime. Therefore, youtube kids for pc will help in satisfying their curiosity while keeping them away from the ill-effects of the internet.

Why should you use YouTube kids?

The application does not only provide educational videos but also has kids’ favorite TV shows, cartoons, and much more. The kids can access it during their playtime and during their study time, making the app versatile. Since the content is filtered and restricted, the app is family-friendly and does not require much supervision. Guardians can also set a time-limit on the app to exercise more control over kids’ viewing time. Plus, watch history can be accessed to know what the kids are watching.

How To Make YouTube Restricted For Kids?

Unfortunately, youtube kids for pc do not work on computers. Nonetheless, YouTube can be opened in a browser and ‘Restricted Mode’ can be turned on to implement the same effects. This mode filters out mature content based on many filters but is not as safe as YouTube kids. For PC, users can follow the following instructions to turn on restricted mode:

  • Visit YouTube on your browser.
  • Click on your profile icon.
  • Choose the option ‘Restricted Mode.’
  • Turn it on to enter the restricted mode.
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Though it is not as safe as youtube kids for pc, this mode works very well to filter out content not suitable for kids. Kids can then use the website to seek answers to the various questions they have and also watch their favorite shows online.

Is there any way to run it on PC?

Yes, youtube kids for pc can run on computers like how it runs on mobile devices. Parents or guardians can choose to download an emulator to run the application.

An emulator enables the computer to act like an Android or iOS operating system and run any and every app available on the respective app stores. The emulators can simply be downloaded from the internet.

By searching for them on a search engine, several emulators will appear. Users can choose to read the reviews or pick the best rated one amongst many to download. Most of the trusted emulators are free to download and take a few steps to install. You can check Bluestacks as your emulator.

After installing the emulator on the PC, users can simply download youtube kids for pc on the emulator and run the app. Hence, by giving a little effort, the children-friendly app can be downloaded on the PC.

The app will then be used, on the PC, similar to how it is used on a mobile device. This makes the emulator a safer and convenient option.

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