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You TV Player for Windows
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What is You TV player?

The You TV player is certainly the best app to stream videos. You might be wanting to stream high-quality videos through a trusted site and this app is just for this purpose. You can watch the videos in the best quality and also set the quality according to your network speed and connection. You can search for the videos you like or the type of videos you prefer, to keep them more often on your watch list. For example, comedy, movies, TV series, cartoons, scientific facts, history, and so many more categories are there which you would prefer and select your favorite videos from. Just select the video you like and also watch the similar videos available. 

What are the benefits of using You TV player?

The You TV player has many features that can make you substitute it with the rest of the other apps available in the market. The first and the best feature is that you can now not only watch videos with the best quality using this app but also save them in your device if you prefer watching them again and again later. The next feature which can benefit its users is that it is like having a TV on your mobile. The app helps you not only save the videos in your device but also gives you special keys to enjoy all of the video channels like sports, drama, live TV and so many more. 

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How to use You TV player on Windows PC?

You need to first download the You TV player app in your PC to enjoy its features.

  • You can make use of the BlueStacks emulator for downloading the app and utilizing the features of the app.
  • After downloading the app, you need to first get registered with your email address and other details in the app.
  • Then you need to go to the add option in the applications menu to add the channels you wish to watch.
  • To manually add the channels, you need to first type tv in the Stream name field and then in the video URL field, you need to type and then you select the channels manually.
  • Once you select the channels manually, you can now enjoy watching the channels on your mobile TV with a stable internet connection. 

How to use You TV player on Mac?

All the Mac users will be happy to know that You TV player app is now ready for their use too.

  • You can download the app using the BlueStacks market and follow the same procedure as you do in the windows.
  • You can also download an apk file from the web browser of this app. And install the setup for using the app.
  • The features of this app are similar in the Mac OS as it is in the Windows and the functions are also the same. 
  • You need to follow the same procedure to use this app in Mac as you will follow in the Windows PC. Hence, get this app downloaded and get started to enjoy watching TV anywhere and anytime on your PC. 
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