What is Xshare File Transfer and How to Use it on PC & Mac

xshare for pc and mac
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If you are sharing the large files via Bluetooth or some other means it might take an era to be transferred and in some cases, the sharing of files fails too. So, you go to search for an application that can serve your purpose for sharing the files from one device to another.

There are several applications that you can find online that helps you in sharing bulk files at once from one device to another device. They use the Wi-Fi direct technology in your device to share the files. So, how do you find an application which is good and genuine to use?

Among all the sharing application, there is an application known as xshare file fast transfer. This software is known to be one of the world’s fastest file transfer applications with fast transmission speed. You can use your QR code in the application to directly pair the other device and share any files whether it be application, games, music, movies, photos, and everything else.

While sharing via this application there is no traffic and no network environment which allows transferring any files hassle-free.

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Features of Xshare File Transfer

The Xshare File Transfer is full of several features that makes it different from other sharing applications. Here are the fabulous features of this file-sharing application.

  • Free to download and use
  • Easy and Secure Connection via QR code scanning
  • Easy to find and Quick Install on Your Device
  • Easy pairing via QR scanning and fast file transfer
  • Save the shared files to your preferred location  
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The above unique features make this sharing application one of the best applications to use for file sharing and transfer.

How to use this application on PC and Mac OS?

The application is meant to be used for mobile platforms. But there are times when you need to use Xshare on your personal computer running Windows and MAC OS too. Since, the application is just available for Android devices, to use it on the PC you need to have an Android emulator installed on your computer. You can use Android emulators such as Bluestacks, Knox Player, Droid4x, and there are many others. Some of the emulators may not be available but Bluestacks is always available for Windows as well as the Mac devices and it can be used on your computer. Follow these steps to download and use the application on your PC or Mac.

  • Search for the Android Emulator for your operating system
  • Download and Install it on Your Device
  • After downloading, search for the application Xshare in the store of the android emulator and download the app from this link.
  • Download and Install it on your emulator
  • Pair the application on the emulator with QR code 
  • You are all ready to use the application and share files from your PC to Mobile and vice versa

In this way, you can use this sharing application on your computers running Windows as well as Mac Operating System smoothly without any flaws.

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