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Never compromise with your security surveillance, always stay informed with Xmeye.

What is Xmeye?

Xmeye is an android monitoring tool that enables it users to remain connected with their Internet protocol Cameras (IPCs) or Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) installed in their home or workplaces. It is very easy to use, just log into the site and enter the device’s serial number which you want to check and you can then view a live feed coming from your cameras directly into your android device. Along with this you can also perform several other functions accordingly like recording the streams to keep a track of the surveillance system. 

What are the features of Xmeye application for android?   

There are various applications of Xmeye that makes it one of the best in its field other than its competitor. These features can be listed as;

  • Cloud Login – it supports log-in options utilizing the cloud technology along with Cloud user registration and modification of personalized data. 
  • Live Preview – it supports real-time live viewing from the devices, Remote video playback along with local recording and playback features. It now supports Human detection feature too.
  • Screenshots feature – it supports snapshot features and viewing these pictures in your personal gallery.
  • Voice intercom – it supports bidirectional talk over online means.
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom control – it supports Pan-Tilt-Zoom controls for a 360-degree detailed live view. 
  • Two-dimensional code scanner serial number – Support scanning serial number by QR code
  • Remote device feature – it supports remote device options such adding, editing and deleting local devices. It also supports adding devices through address mode and LAN network utilization.
  • Automatic Updates – it supports automatic version updates to keep you updated with the latest features.
  • Additional functions – it supports searching local devices by just a shake gesture, managing alarm and its options, volume adjustment and manual device restart function.  
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Since Xmeye is available on only android devices, xmeye for pc or mac is still not available yet. Using this app in such versions is by using android emulators. Bluestacks is one of those android emulators popular in both windows and mac. So, we will use its reference here.  

How to install and use Xmeye on Windows?

First download Bluestacks android app player into your system. Log into the Bluestacks official site from any desktop browser and download the proper Windows setup file from the official site. Then install it. Once done, let the program install the engine properly in order to use the in-app android interface. When the program is completely loaded, tap on the Google Playstore and search Xmeye (for direct installation) or on the browser and search for the apk file (for manual installation). For Manual installation, once you have the file, run it through the in-built package installer and let the program install in and when completed, open the application and allow permissions for it to work properly. 

How to install and use Xmeye on Mac?

The process is quite similar to the installation procedure in Windows. First you need to download and install the Bluestacks application from the browser and then follow the steps for downloading and installing Xmeye from inside the Bluestacks program.   

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