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What are the steps that are used to download WiseView for PC and Mac?

If you want details about how you can use wiseview on your Pc and Mac then this the absolutely the right place for you. Also, like we are aware having tight security is of utmost importance. You might be craving to have some security wherein you can keep a watch over your home even if you are in another part of the world, isn’t it? 

So, WiseView is exactly the app that you can use for your security needs. This app can be used for tablets as well as for smartphones and you can use it on 3g or 4g internet connection. In order to set this up all you require is the camera’s IP address which will have to be added to it. 

But what is so great about WiseView? 

If you are looking out for Wiseview for pc then there is an amazing feature that it offers. The live streaming of the videos can be played or you can also opt to record them which can be viewed later on. Also, another feature offered by the app is that the use is allowed to take screenshots from both lies as well as the videos which are saved. This can be extremely beneficial as you will always have proof of any incident that takes place either in your office or your home. Also, there is an alarm system which will make you alert in case there is any movement on the video camera. 

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Steps to use WiseView on your Mac and your PC

The very steps involve you downloading an Android emulator. There are tons of emulators which are easily available out there but you need to make sure you opt for the reliable one in the market. If you use a trusted emulator then you will be able to download and use any app on your device. 

After downloading the emulator there will be some instructions shown to you, make sure you follow these and then download it to your Mac. Your Google ID will be required so make sure the ID is valid and can be verified without any hassle. 

Once the verification process has been completed then the user will be taken directly to the homepage and the Android emulator will open. Well, you need to bear in mind that the steps for using WiseView on the PC and Mac are the same. 

WiseView is a great app which will allow you to keep an eye on your family and loved ones even if you are traveling for work away from home – their security is always going to be on your mind. This has an unlimited playback option and other advanced features which is truly a must-have for those people who are always concerned about the security about their loved ones. Also, all the Android devices can easily take advantage of this app because these features will be readily available to them. 

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