Go Wireless With Wi-Fi Cards For PC | The Complete Guideline

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Technology these days has become a necessity more than a need. For every little job, for every little thought, we turn our heads to Smart-Phones or computers and feed ourselves with the required information. To say, the world is now on our tips, from every little area of work to huge industrial sectors, the world has revolutionized into a single computer chip. If that was not less, the computers have gone automatic and absolutely wireless.

Wondering how has that happened? Well, the answer again lies in a revolutionized computer chip called Wi-Fi Card. A Wi-Fi card for PC is what connects a device to a network, using which; one can access the internet on a particular device.

Wi-Fi card for pc is a small chip which will connect to a laptop/pc, either through a USB port or a card slot. This card is usually tending towards a particular Wi-Fi network. To make use of this card, the pc must be in a good range of wireless internet signal, which is dedicated to that network. To summarize, the Wi-Fi card will act as a transceiver – Transmitter as well as the receiver.

With whom does the Wi-Fi Card Communicate?

A Router. The router feeds the card with the wireless signal, and the card responds to the wireless signal by sending instructions from the pc which the router will relay to the internet.

How does a Wi-Fi card look?

In general, most Wi-Fi cards come in the form of USBs. When connected to PC, the work as internet provider the PC, giving connection to a particular Wi-Fi network that it is designed for.

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How to select an appropriate Wi-Fi card for PC?

  • Make sure that the card is compatible with the PC and its Operating System.
  • Check correctly for the physical port compatibility(generation of USB – 2.0 or 3.0) for your Wi-Fi card on your PC
  • Which wireless protocol is supported by the card – b/g/n/ac
  • What bandwidth does it make use of – 2.4GHz or 5GHz
  • Make sure all the drivers for the card are available in your PC
  • With a 2.0 USB port, max speed will be 60MBPS
  • With a 3.0 USB port, max speed will be 640MBPS
  • Both the above facts will work in accordance with your broadband subscription.
  • Adapter Size: Few Wi-Fi cards will have bulkier external, which will make them disturb adjacent ports and devices on those ports. The small size makes it less prone to quick accidental damages.
  • Rather than relying on the outer appearance, take pleasures in researching about the specifications of the card provided by a particular brand, from official and authenticated sources.

The market sees the rise and fall of many brands, but the ultimate choice depends on the experience of personal use and product life. Many brands will come up with great promising brand lines, but the product will hardly last. Nevertheless, the above-stated information will help you select the best Wi-Fi card for PC.

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