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WeChat is a very popular free messaging tool, and it is available for all kinds of platforms like Android, Windows PC, etc. Like the mobile version, the windows version of WeChat also allows you to chat and share files. So whether you are available on your mobile or computer, you don’t have to miss the call or chat. Moreover, now the latest version of WeChat for Windows introduced group voice and video calls directly from the computer! 

From WeChat, you can customize the chat window and have your own personalized experience using this particular program. The program is designed specifically for beginners, and it has a very user-friendly interface. WeChat will let you feel totally confident about using all the features that are available in the software itself. Moreover, this app only consumes very little storage space on your computer, which is best for all types of systems. This is one of the top messaging systems you could possibly use because of how convenient it can be for your computer use.

Key points of WeChat Application

  • Run the app in the background & send messages when requiring
  • Send messages individually or to groups
  • Attach & send multimedia files
  • Share files saved in your PC with the contacts
  • Share files regardless of the size or format
  • Take screenshots and share with contacts
  • Play voice notes sent from mobile devices
  • Delete any message sent by mistake
  • Mention contacts to call their attention
  • Free video calls in HD quality
  • Store your message history locally
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Download WeChat for Windows 7, 8 and 10

Features of WeChat Free Messaging App  

WeChat is packed with a lot of features that make WeChat a very popular messaging application. Let’s take a look at them.

File Sharing

The file-sharing feature of WeChat makes it a very useful computer app. With this application, you can instantly share your images and documents with other WeChat members directly from your computer, which is very convenient. Your contacts can receive the files, whether they’re on their mobile device or working on their windows computer.

Screenshot Tool

Every now and then, it’s easier to explain something with a screenshot, either it’s for work, school or fun. Screenshot Tool allows you to capture and send an image of your screen with visual call-outs, using additional shapes and texts. Thanks to WeChat, now you can share the screenshots of your computer directly via this app to your WeChat members. You don’t have to use any additional screen capturing tools for that.

Group Chat Mentions

The group chats mention feature of WeChat makes it easy to have a specific person’s attention when so much is going on in the group. When you mention a member in a group chat, that user will receive a special notification so he/she won’t miss the message. This way, you can easily share a special message with a specific person in a group chat.

Message Recall

In general, typos aren’t limited to the computer, so WeChat provides a feature named “Message Recall” on windows computer application. With this feature, you can unsent the most recent message sent within the last 2 minutes. This feature is very handy and can save you from unexpected awkward situations.

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Other Features

Some of the other features of WeChat are forward massaging and view Sights sent from your contacts. All the conversations are private; therefore, WeChat makes sure that the exchanges on the desktop version are only available on your mobile device. So if you log out of your computer, you can still check all the messages from your mobile device, which is very convenient.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever use WeChat on your computer. What is your experience with WeChat? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Share the article with your friends and family as we know sharing is caring!

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