10 Reasons Of Why You Should Wake Up Early Everyday

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We all know the poem we learned when we were the kid – “Early To Bed and Early To rising, Makes a Man Healthy Wealthy and Wise”. There are lots of healthy, wealthy and wise men of this world who actually referenced while the poet made this poem. There are some exceptions too who late at night and do things awesomely. But, literally, waking up early from the bed is one of the most significant habits or change for yourself that will lead you to become a better man with more wealth, dignity and prosperity.

It is worth mentioning that, waking up early is kind of tough job if you usually habituated to work late at night and start your day right before noon. You can’t change it instantly right after being motivated by this post. It may take the longer time you assume and needs a desperate kind of attitude to make it happen. But, executing it is the second part. First, you have to learn why you should wake up early. If you are convinced enough; then give it a try. Trust me, your perspective about your life and surroundings will thoroughly be changed.

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Getting up early is one of the toughest decision you may have taken earlier if you work late at night. But if you just have decided to give it a shot; then you are really a smart guy. So, proceed on to motivate yourself:

  1. Get More Time In A Day

    I used to work late at night and wake up at noon. And it was happening every day, months after months. Eventually, I found that I wake up at noon around 1 PM every day, finish brushing my teeth, take showers, take a meal (I skipped breakfast unintentionally 🙂 ) and have a cup of tea/coffee and I check my watch. Holy shit! its 4 PM at late afternoon and I feel sleepy again. I went outside for evening walk so, I couldn’t get back to work within 10 PM at night. Actually, I was getting pretty less amount of time for my work. My productivity was devastated though I was pretending to do a hell lot of work at night. Literally, very little amount of work was being done. Pretty sure, everyone who work late at night face this same situation. So, basically working late night will consume more time from your everyday life than you seem. If you wake up 6 AM, the freshness of morning will push you up for most productive work and that freshness and energy will lead you through a whole day. From the very morning of 6 AM, you can start working and you can end that at 10 PM. And in the meantime, you can complete all of your external work like taking a meal, going out for a gym, having bath and dinner and so on..even after all of this, you will have plenty of time to work for your project and yourself.

  2. Start The Day With Calm and Fresh Mindset

    In the previous paragraph, I wrote what actually happens when you wake up at noon. You will find a noisy environment right after waking up. Besides, fundamentals of taking shower, having a heavy meal and adjusting the sudden daylight with your eye will make you lose a good amount of very important times of your day. At the same time, all of a sudden you can’t think everything previously and accurately likes how would have done it at morning. So, wake up at every morning and start an awesome day.

  3. Healthy Body As You Will Take Breakfast

    Having a healthy meal as breakfast will take care of your low glycogen stores, regulate the blood sugar levels and gift y0u an energetic and fresh-a-whole day. Breakfast will help your body to fill up the missing waters, sugars and boost important organs of your body those were sleeping at night with you. So, you bypass fatigue and weakness to feel spirited doing any work ahead.

  4. Productivity Increased.

    When you start your day without having any kind of distraction; your productivity will be increased without any reason. Wake up early, set a goal, make a set of plan and start working on executing those plans. As your mind is fresh at morning, you can easily prioritize works from your To Do list and this the way the great peoples of this world work. Morning shows the day, just follow it.

  5. Early Exercise Works Even Better

    At morning your body temperature usually stays low and if you exercise, you have to spend more time to heat your body and thus more fats are burnt. 30 minutes walking or running at the morning will energize you for a full day. The experts also suggest us to exercise in the morning.

    “Research suggests in terms of performing a consistent exercise habit, individuals who exercise in the morning tend to do better,” says Cedric Bryant, PhD, chief science officer with the American Council on Exercise in San Diego.

    Morning exercisers are more consistent in jogging or walking rather than we/man who exercises at evening or night. Because most of our appointments and working hassles eventually let us obsessed at evening or night. So, wake up early and start exercising.

    After exercising, take a long shower. Morning shower helps to boost Blood Circulation.

  6. You are Already Ahead of Hundreds of other People of Same Industry

    Just think, 100 people are working on the same idea. From those 100, 40% starts their work from the early morning of the day and rest 60% starts their working from noon. Which group of people are clearly ahead? Obviously, the 40% of people who wake up early, have a bit of exercise, get a heavy breakfast and start working their ass off. 🙂

  7. The Road Stays Calm and Empty; So Commute Faster

    If you are an employee or any firm or organization; you may have to go to an office which mostly located a bit further from your home. So, going to your office from your home requires some bit of time and if you ever get stuck by a traffic jam, then you will not be able to reach office on time. Waking up early reduces this kind of time-management-risk fully.

  8. Setting Better Goals And Achieve Them Even Better Way

    A fresh start in the morning actually yield better idea, more productivity and works as the biggest energy fuel to achieve your goal. Your brain will work like a champ after the sound sleep at night and you are the superman of the day. Just wake up today for the god sake (if you are not habituated on this yet) and see the differences.

  9. No Yelling and Sounds Around; So More Work Done

    Sound and noise is probably the worst barrier to the productive man. You will never be able to deeply concentrate on the work you are doing right now if the babies are crying out around you and if the neighborhood’s building constructions work is running. You seriously can’t. No emails yet, not a single poke or notifications on your Facebook Account and no one is here to tell you to go to a shop.

  10. Its a Challenge, and Successful People Take Challenges

    Who are these successful people you think all the time and dream to want to be like? Most of the really successful people around you have one thing in common. They wake up early. If I make a list; then I would enlist Tim Cook (CEO of Apple), Dan Akerson (CEO of General Motors), David Cush (CEO of Virgin America) a Robert Iger (CEO of Disney). Most of these wake up early at 4.00 AM to 6 AM. They took the challenges of waking up early and get more done. What about you? Take the challenges of waking up early and follow the successful people to make at least one thing of your life similar to them. Take this challenge. Who knows, this one challenge might bring something even better for your life than what you are thinking of right now.

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