Vimo for Windows PC & Mac – How To Download & Use (Free 2020)

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Vimo is a competitor to YouTube that provides platform to free video access. The facilities that the application offers include the promotion of videos which is highly needed for film promotions.Similar to YouTube, there are also channels that the customers need to purchase with pay.

What are the features of Vimo?

With the purchase of Vimo it offers a lot many facilities to the users, include,

  • Free number
  • No need for internet

What are the additional benefits of having Vimo?

The characteristic of the free number of Vimois facilitates so many features as similar to every function of any mobile number. By and through the access to the free number given to the customers, there is no restriction to receive any amount of calls and even without having any access to the internet. Similarly, the customer needs not to require any second number to make use of with regards to international calls as it facilitates that function. In comparison to the other methods of calling, Vimo stands as a cheap option in terms of the rate of international calls. Another attribute that adds on to the attraction of Vimois the recharging facility it has to any number across the world. There is no restriction of place, time and how much.

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How to install Vimo?

The installation of Vimo is easy and simple. All a person needs to have a working smartphone and a registered sim card to register with.

  • The application is easily available in Play Store as well as in Appstore from which it has to be downloaded.
  • Open the app and register yourself with your mobile number.
  • Provide your personal details like that of your nationality and location.

Why would one opt for Vimo?

It is advisable to use Vimo because it is one of the cheapest sources of making international calls. The rate is almost near to the local calls in the country. Not only does this software provides you to have low rates on international calls but also unlimited free incoming calls even on when you do not have internet access.

With relate to the local calls, there is no restriction such as data connection. Outgoing calls are possible without the internet connection in terms of local calls.

How to recharge Vimo?

According to the system of operations, both local and international calls demand two separate pathways relating to recharge. The local calls require sim recharge on the number provided by the company and the international facility demands the procedures through the application Vimo itself.

How Vimo help to save money?

In different countries, distinct is the range of costs of calling. Thereby, if you want to call someone living in a different country, and you find the low cost in their rate of recharging, you can recharge their number with the assistance of Vimo application itself and ask them to contact. This facility is a benefit to the app users as the person from the country belonging to the low rate of recharge cost can contact the other and save the money.

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How to Install Vimo for your PC

  • Step 1: Download and install the android emulator software
  • Step 2: Open the android emulator from your PC
  • Step 3: Start the Google play store app and search Vimo to download
  • Step 4: Start the installation process by clicking the “Install” button
  • Step 5: Once the app is installed launch the app from your PC

How to Install Vimo on Mac

In order to install the Vimo on your Mac device, you must have an Android Emulator installed on your Mac Device. If you have an Android Emulator installed on your Mac device then follow these easy steps:

  • First, open the Android Emulator from your Mac device
  • Now login to the Google Play Store
  • Search the “­­­Vimo” in the store
  • Now install the app from the store, or
  • If you have Vimo on your Mac device, then drag and drop the APK file into the emulator to install the App  
  • Now open the Vimo app and use it on Mac PC

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