What Does Each Member of BTS Handwriting Look like (Explained Here)

BTS is a South Korean boy band consisting of seven members. Each member has a unique handwriting style that can be found in their songs and albums. Their lyrics, letters, and even social media posts contain insights into the unique people that make up BTS. Their different personalities are showcased in each member’s handwriting. The members have been struggling to get more recognition in the American market, but this may be due to how hard it is for Americans to read their handwriting.

The most popular K-pop group of all time, BTS, has many talented members. From Rap Monster’s hamonjoshi to Jimin’s wispy penmanship, each member of the popular Korean band is unique in their way. The hands you use to write are a form of expression with your style. This article will show each member’s handwriting and what they’re like when it comes to writing down thoughts on paper – which is something they do often.

How to look at Handwriting of Jin

Many people are surprised to find that Jin is the only member of the South Korean boy band, BTS with an English name.  After being raised in America, he was taught how to read and write English but found that Koreans were not as welcoming. He then picked up his family’s heritage language of Korean and learned to write it by himself. Starting at age seven, Jin would practice writing out his name every day with a pencil on unlined paper for hours.

It’s not uncommon for K-Pop fans to find themselves emotionally invested in an artist or their music. Some fans take that passion to the next level, absorbing everything about the idol they love, including their handwriting. Fans of Jin, a member of boy band BTS, have created a ‘Mirror of Jin’ blog dedicated to his handwriting and its meaning.

What Does Each Member of BTS Handwriting Look like

How to look at Handwriting of Suga

Suga is one of the seven members of the K-pop group, BTS. Though he is not the oldest member in the band, or even the most popular when it comes to recognition in Korea, he still has a hand that distinguishes him from other artists in the industry. Suga’s handwriting is much different than his bandmates’ because of its sharp, pointed strokes. These are very purposeful and well-defined which speak to his attention to detail.

Most people know that Suga is a member of BTS, the popular K-pop group. Few people might know that he’s also an artist and rapper with an incredibly unique and interesting handwriting style.
Suga was born on November 4, 1993, in Daegu, Korea, and is now 26 years old. He has been a part of BTS since 2013 and is one of the group’s most prolific songwriters.

What Does Each Member of BTS Handwriting Look like

How to look at Handwriting of  J-Hope

J-Hope is a South Korean singer, songwriter, dancer, and record producer of BTS. His name is Jung Hoseok in his native language. As one of the members of the group, he has been involved in all aspects of producing for each album they have released. He was born on February 18th, 1995 in Gwangju, South Korea. A lesser-known fact about him is that he has a love for handwriting

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of KPOP is the member’s extraordinary dance moves and synchronized choreography. But another crucial part of the Kpop phenomenon is the group members’ handwritten signature, also known as their “handwriting of J-hope BTS Member.” What makes Jung Hoseok’s handwriting stand out among other members? A few factors come into play, such as font size and spacing between letters.

How to look Handwriting of  RM

RM is a member of the K-Pop sensation, BTS. He has been in the spotlight for many years due to his beautiful voice and strong leadership skills. RM’s handwriting reflects his personality: it is always neat and orderly, and never sloppy or handwritten with haste.  As a child, RM attended an international school in Japan where he learned cursive, but he also attended Korean middle and high school so he could learn Korean culture better.

Korean boy band RM, which stands for Rap Monster, is a member of the wildly popular group “BTS”. He is also known as an actor and a songwriter. RM has been in the spotlight since he was a child due to his talent in music and acting. His talent was further enhanced by attending a prestigious music school in South Korea called JYP Entertainment Academy. RM has been a celebrity figure for over a decade now and is still going strong.

How to look at Handwriting of Jimin

If you’re a BTS fan, you might know that Jimin is the only member in the group who doesn’t show his face. Here’s why he prefers to be faceless. Ever since he was 6 years old, South Korean singer and dancer, Park Ji-min or better known by his stage name Jimin, has loved to perform. The only problem with this is that while performing on stage, he can’t see what’s happening in front of him.

A lot of people are familiar with the first letter of their names. For example, this author’s first name starts with an N, so they know that their first initial is followed by two letters that are always the same. This can be true for many other people as well. However, it may not be the case for everyone. Jimin, one of the members of popular K-pop group BTS, does not have a consistent last name.

How to look at Handwriting of V

K-pop boy band BTS has many devoted fan clubs, each with its unique members that support the group in different ways. One of these groups is the “Look at my Handwriting” club, which encourages fans to share their designs for handwriting in general. The following article will be an informational piece on how one member of this club’s handwriting looks. The handwriting of V’s can look very different depending on his mood and recent activities.

To be a successful singer, one needs to have a strong voice. Physical appearance is important as well, but the voice of the singer often speaks for them more than their look. This is why many people pay attention to talented singers that don’t have the looks of a “typical” idol. One example is V from BTS.

How to look at Handwriting of Jungkook

BTS is a popular South Korean boy group with a huge global following. Jungkook is one of the members within the BTS group and has been ranked as the most popular member by local fans, with his handwriting ranking as one of his many talents. The article will cover how Jungkook’s handwriting style is often considered to be very artistic, expressive, and emotive, which can be seen through his signature on BTS albums and merchandise.

BTS has gone through many stages in the past few years. They’ve started with their debut back in 2013, followed by their second release in 2014, 2015’s The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt 2. Then came 2016’s two releases: The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt 1 and Pt 2: Young Forever. Now BTS is taking a break from releasing a new album to focus on individual solo projects and individual tours.


BTS is a sensational and talented K-pop boy band that has been gaining popularity all around the world. With dynamic personalities and incredible performances, BTS has become one of the most followed groups in the industry. But what does each member’s handwriting look like? This article will explore how each member’s handwriting reflects their personality.

BTS is a Korean pop group that consists of 7 members. Each member has his style and personality and the impeccable handwriting of every member is enough to show off their unique selves.

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