Download Typhoon TV APK for Android, PC, and FireTV

With the ever-growing number of options in TV shows and movies available for one to view and enjoy as they fancy, the entrainment industry is something that’s available for everyone to view at the touch of a button. 

However, it’s no secret that with the increase in variety and choices available, the consumption of the same can become extremely expensive, with the likes of platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime amongst a host of others charging you quite the penny to enjoy the same. 

Features of Typhoon TV App

You can switch to an alternative platform that offers you the same variety of viewable content that you can enjoy in one convenient app. Typhoon TV apk lets you enjoy all your favorite movies and shows without charging you for it. It’s free to download and is easily available on almost any platform of your choice. Read on for as to why it’s a good choice to consider.

Features at a glance –

  • Wide variety

A variety of different shows and movies to watch is just what the doctor ordered, and the app provides. Almost any show you can think of, no matter how unheard of it maybe is all available for you to enjoy when you wish to

  • Always updated

An always updated arsenal ensures you get the best of the latest content. All the updated episodes and seasons of your favorite shows are available, ensuring that you get to watch the nail-biting finale along with the rest of the world.  

  • Multilingual
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Not only western shows but even a wide variety of regional ones are made available for you to watch. Soap operas and movies from other countries are made available for you to see and enjoy in whatever language and whichever country you want it from. 

  • Subtitle support

When watching shows and movies that have people using a strong accent or speak in a language that you’re not strong in, the wide variety of subtitles available can help make the experience better. You can control how fast or slow they come in and can also use your own subtitles in case you wish to. 

Basic Information of Typhoon TV APK

App Name  Typhoon TV 
Size 14.73 MB
Version 2.2.0
Support Android 5.0+ Amazon FireTV/Firestick

Download links 

Please click the following links to be redirected to the official page of Moviebox and get the most updated version of the app at all times. 

How to Instal TyphoonTV on Your Devices

Depending on the platform you wish to get the app on, click the link and download the version required. To install, follow the next steps 

  • Android

Installation on Android requires you to have any version above 5.0 Lollipop. Any version below it will not be supported. 

  1. Download the app from the link given.
  2. Select the recently downloaded Apk file. In case the system prompts you to allow installation from external sources, follow the instructions given by your phone to enable the option
  3. Once you do this, the app will automatically install and be ready for you to use from the home screen
  • Firestick/FireTV

On a smart TV, you need to follow these steps 

  1. Open settings, click on the device and scroll down to developer options. 
  2. Click on unknown sources and select “turn on” as you do on an Android smartphone.
  3. Back on your home screen, search for a downloader app from the App Store to help you download the file.
  4. Once the app is downloaded, open it and give it the permission it needs to allow downloads directly onto your TV
  5. Then head into the settings of the app and enable JavaScript.
  • Head to the browser within the app and enter the following URL –
  • Download the file, install it, and then head back to your home screen. 
  • Scroll around until you find Typhoon TV and then open it. 
  • Mac and Windows
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The app is an Android and Android TV only mobile-based application. Thus in order to use the same on a PC, download an “Android emulator” such as BlueStacks. You can then install the app on this emulator and enjoy the full experience of the app without any problems

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Yes. The app is safe to use. It doesn’t require any unnecessary permissions to run on your phone, except for that of storage in order to facilitate downloads directly on your device for your ease and convenience.

Where can I download it from?

Any of the aforementioned links can be selected in order to download and enjoy your favorite content at the touch of a button

What devices support the app?

Typhoon TV is compatible with all android devices like Android Smartphone, Android TV Box, Android Smart TV, Firestick, Fire TV, Fire Cube, KODI Android BOX, Android SMART Watch.

Do I need to pay for anything?

Typhoon TV is a free app. This means everything available on it is free of cost for consumption. Everything can be accessed as required without having to pay a premium. It has added a present to support the developers, but none of it is irritating and won’t slow your own consumption down. 

Does it have any virus?

No. The app is 100% virus-free and doesn’t fall prey to or risk your system to catching any unnecessary problems. 

The app is a must-have for those who wish to enjoy all the content available to view. It’s available on a variety of platforms including Android and Android TV to cater to the perfect viewing experience and giving you more ways to enjoy your content. It’s the spiritual successor to the previously popular Terrarium TV and offers a much better viewing experience to all those who enjoyed the previous app and wish to continue with the same experience here as well.

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