Top 5 Most Asked Questions To Donald Trump

Donald Trump
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What time is Donald Trump’s speech today?

Donald Trump held a rally in Wisconsin Tuesday night and delivered a speech at a campaign rally. In his speech, Trump tried to appeal to the black voters and held Democratic policies accountable for the higher rate of unemployment, and poor living conditions that blemish inner-city neighborhoods. Donald Trump will hold a rally at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina on Thursday night at 07:30 p.m. Trump is expected to deliver a speech at the rally. For more info on upcoming events, visit – Donald Trump Schedule

Donald Trump
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What are Donald Trump’s policy plans?

  • Foreign policy – Donald Trump reiterated his controversial call on banning Muslim immigration to the US. He emphasized that China has control over North Korea, and expressed his plans to work with the North Korean leader; Kim Jong Un, to contain China’s influence over the region. Donald Trump repeatedly praised Vladimir Putin and wants to partner with Russia to defeat the ISIS.
  • Economic Policy – Donald Trump announced that he would withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership before the deal ever happens. He promised a Trump Admin will ameliorate the current “failed trade policy. His 7-point plan includes reforming NAFTA agreement. Donald Trump intends to increase infrastructure spending. He proposed to reduce the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15% to attract businesses to the US.

When is the debate between Trump and Hillary?

Donald Trump has not debated with Hillary Clinton on the same stage yet. He will take on Hillary Clinton in a series of Presidential Debates. The first Presidential Debate will be held on Monday, September 26.

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What are the polls between Trump and Hillary?

  • Donald Trump chalked up a lead over Hillary Clinton by 47%-36% in Indiana; a Monmouth University survey finds.
  • Hillary Clinton has significant leads over Donald Trump in Florida, and Virginia.

How is Donald Trump doing?

Donald Trump suffered severe blows as Hillary Clinton surpassed him on Tuesday in the critical purple states of Florida, and Virginia. However, Donald Trump has a lead over in Indiana.

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