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Fabulous software doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg – thanks to free, shareware and ad-supported software applications, you can provide your Windows PC with an entire set of important basic programs completely free.

We’ve compiled and put the best open-source Windows software to the test and derived the list of very best programs for your PC. These are the programs we have to rely on at home, and we hope you find them useful as much as we do. 

These programs will be useful past 2018. Yes, these are the programs you should watch out for in 2019. Let’s review them.

Free antivirus software: BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition

BitDefender is popular due to its very easy to use interface and excellent detection rates. Each time I decide to write a guide on the best free antivirus software, I have to choose BitDefender. This software features one security suite that stands head and shoulders above the rest. 

This time it’s no different. BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition, which allows you to protect your PC from viruses and other malware (including ransomware) as simple as possible. 

You can depend on BitDefender to identify and get rid of the most up-to-date threats the moment they become visible, with the minimum of ruckus. 

Download Bitdefender

Free office software: WPS Office Free Edition 

Under the extent of Microsoft Office, most people do not know that a gem like WPS Office exists. If you are thinking of paying for Microsoft Office, then first review this software. WPS Office is a superb free suite.

It is a free office suite that looks good. It contains useful and powerful tools for word processing, presentations, and spreadsheets. Moreover, WPS doesn’t use up as much space as Microsoft Office does. 

It’s fully friendly with Microsoft Office file formats, and is full with attractive templates. Best of all, its components are similar to the latest versions of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. WPS Office will get you up and running right away.

Download WPS Office

Web browser: Google Chrome

Chrome is quick, versatile, and noticeably flexible via extensions. The browser wars are as brutal as ever, but Google Chrome clinches the top position. Its flexibility, stability and cross-platform support contributed to its claiming top spot. 

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Its incorporation with your Gmail account makes it very easy to bring your favorites and bookmarks between devices, and it can be integrated with a huge library of extensions.

Download Google Chrome

Free VPN software: TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a responsive, quick, and with a great option of servers, you can depend on. TunnelBear allows you to guard your identity online and browse region-blocked content. Just flip the switch, pick an international proxy, and all your online activity will be re-routed.

Download TunnelBear

Free music player: MusicBee

MusicBee is the perfect player, streamer, and manager. This software comes with smart tagging and optimization. Everything you need for organizing a music set of any size, MusicBee features neat tagging and hardware optimization for the best potential playback quality. 

It’s also a great option for streaming internet radio stations and listening to your favorite podcasts.

Download MusicBee

Free photo editor application: GIMP

GIMP is without a doubt the best Photoshop alternative. You can make your photos look their best GIMP. GIMP is profuse with neat and handy tools like a clone stamp, healing brush, transformations, smart selections and a host of filters – from the subtle to the creative. 

GIMP will allow you to enjoy dozens of excellent user-created plugins to integrate even more features, and GIMP gets regular updates from its team of volunteer developers.

Download Gimp

Free PDF reader application: Foxit Reader

If you are a Foxit Reader user, you can read, create and convert PDFs, with great ease. Foxit Reader offers great file compatibility as well. 

Foxit Reader allows you to View, edit and create PDFs, and convert Microsoft Office files and scanned documents. Foxit Reader’s excellent feature set is packed with annotations, cloud-sharing, and security tools to protect you from potential security vulnerabilities.

Download Foxit

Free torrent client: qBittorrent

qBittorrent is a free client offering all the tools music, TV and movie fans could ask for. qBittorrent is fast and resourceful, with an integrated search engine and media player. Free torrent client qBittorrent features everything you need for fast, secure downloads. 

qBittorrent automatically sets your priorities of torrents. It generates torrent creation and IP filtering too. And, you can master it easily.

Download qBittorrent

Free YouTube downloader: Freemake Video Downloader

We can’t imagine our daily life without YouTube. Now you want to watch your favorite YouTube videos offline. Just grab videos separately or in batches, and keep them in your chosen format.

Freemake Video Downloader is profuse with 93 million users worldwide, and it’s not difficult to see why. Not only does it seize videos from all the most popular hosting sites, including YouTube and Vimeo, it also converts and saves them in the correct format for your playback tool. You could be using a device whether that’s a PC, smartphone, tablet or games console.

It’s straightforward to use too, and one of the fastest tools around.

Download FreeMake

Free video editor: Lightworks

Lightworks is a professional video editing software application that falls within the grasp of beginners. You may want to come up with a quick adjustment to a clip recorded on your smartphone or amass high definition footage into a professional-looking movie set to upload to Vimeo, Lightworks is the tool you will thank me for finding you. 

Download LightWorks

Free email client: eM Client

eM Client allows you to handle multiple inboxes in one place and elevate you on top of your daily tasks. If you own more than one email account – and most of us do – you probably have to fit in multiple browser tabs when you want to ensure your messages.

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A desktop email client helps keep away from this hassle by putting all your mailboxes in one essential location, and eM Client is the best one available. It’s elegant, easy to control, and supports your calendars as well to help you stay ordered.

Download emClient

Free junk files cleaner: CCleaner

CCleaner makes it to the list as the first of a few Piriform programs—the first C is for Crap!—is one of the best, and pretty much important for maintaining a system. CCleaner follows a simple procedure: it cleans up useless files, thereby making your system run better. 

Download it for free and run it, often. 

It’ll detect some apps and help you eliminate them you didn’t think you could get rid of—like those provided in Windows 10, whether you wanted them or not.

Download CCleaner

Free Hard Disc Defragmentation: Defraggler

This is another gem you could review from Piriform. Defragmenting a hard disk has become a little out-of-date in the age of terabyte drives, but it’s still a useful thing to do to save a little more data-access speed. 

Defraggler’s edge makes it brain-dead easy to do on NTFS and Fat32 file system drives. It even works with solid-state drives (SSDs).

Download Defraggler

Free Chatting & Calling Internet: Skype

Skype is one and the same with video conferencing for many years now. Skype is officially run and updated by Microsoft. IT experts of our website consider Skype a highly polished, hugely functional service that runs on every platform you can think of and offer more communication options than any of its competitors 

Go download Skype for free and make limitless video calls between Skype users. You can establish video conferences even with groups of users. In addition, the translation ability sounds ultra-modern.

Download Skype

Free Meetings & Webinars Tool: Google Hangouts

Hangouts is built by Google, integrated into its services as a replacement for the Google Talk messaging service. Besides, usual text messaging services, Hangouts adds voice and video calls. It’s exclusive for this roundup in that it doesn’t need an installer. Hangouts just works alone in your browser (though getting the Chrome Extension is recommended). 

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Hangouts is the perfect software for talking to other people on Google—you can gather up to nine people in a video chat, all for free.

Download Hangouts


Comics is an Amazon-owned software application. Comics is renowned as the store for buying digital comics from just about all the main funny-book publishers; its free apps, recognized by the straightforward name “Comics,” are how you read them. 

The app is spectacular. It allows you to make page-by-page or panel-by-panel reading a joy, particularly on a comic-book-page-sized tablet. The coordinated view allows you to stop on one device and pick up at the next one in the same spot. 

You can pair it with comiXology’s infinite reading subscription options, or purchase new comics the same day they appear in stores. 

For comic book nerds, it’s a must. (Windows users will have to stick with the Web interface, as the Windows Store app has been scuttled).

Merge Comics & Comixology

Best Ebook Reader: Kindle

Basically the de facto and most popular reader for eBooks these days, the Kindle brand represents more than just hardware—it encompasses these apps and programs for reading eBooks (which you have to purchase from Amazon, of course). 

You start Kindle on any device, carry on it elsewhere—the Kindle WhisperSync feature remembers exactly where you stopped reading. X-Ray offers understanding into the book; GoodReads addition gives you a social aspect. 

The new PageFlip allows you to keep your page while scouring the rest of the book.

Kindle Download

Best Email Tool: Gmail

Gmail is an ultra-popular choice for individuals and businesses alike. Gmail showcases a clean interface and many innovations that are visions of the Gmail Labs. It’s included with Google Contacts, and corresponds a lot, if not all, intermediary email apps you can picture. In addition, it most likely has the best spam filter you’ll ever use.

Download Gmail App (Android)

Most Popular Email Client: Thunderbird

Mozilla’s email client extraordinaire has been upgraded to version 45, but it still contains all the features that made it huge: account setup wizards, numerous languages, hundreds of add-ons, a tabbed interface, great search, junk mail and phishing tools, and the choice for a adapted email address with your own choice of a domain name. Migration from previous versions is an easy thing and worth it if you’re on the desktop.

Download Thunderbird

Free Antivirus : Panda

It’s another popular antivirus application. Panda contains a suit that features a full antivirus, anti adware, and spyware. These are very light on resources and do not strain your computer’s resources. 

Download Panda

Bottom Line

Software applications are meant to make our life easier. With hundreds of free options, there are a few applications that your desktop must have. In this article, I discussed such software applications that will introduce spped to your tasks and get you up and running. 

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