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So, you want to work in the exciting and thrilling world of technology? Information technology, or most commonly known by its shortened form “IT”, is the fastest growing industry in the world. Because of ever-increasing demand for IT experts, IT is the most popular career choice. And, with the positive job growth and immense earning possibilities, IT is a top choice. The rate at which the Information Technology operates is much faster than any other industry. Recruiters always yearn for skilled workers. And, the demand for IT technicians is not likely to subside. As innovation and improvement are observed in cloud computing, large data known and cybersecurity, an IT technician has many sectors to pursue and elevate from. When it comes to rearing and shaping a student’s proficiency in IT sectors, California’s IT colleges produced well-rounded students over the years. The students graduated are serving in many different sectors of IT with wide-ranging knowledge and skills. As a student at a California college, majoring in IT, you will learn how computers and computerized devices process and manage all types of information and data. IT technology degree programs in California vary greatly depending on the institutions. California offers from conventional colleges and universities to online and distance learning degree programs. California provides educational opportunities to anyone with any budget or schedule. I curated and waded through the list of IT colleges in California and picked out a top 20 list. Let’s explore what these colleges offer and why you should choose them.

1. California State University, Los Angeles

California State University, Los Angeles founded in 1947, California State University is a public institution. It offers information technology programs comprised of core information system subjects like systems analysis, database development, finance, accounting, etc. Additionally, you can hone your IT skills through a variety of courses covering Web designing, network security, and wireless communication. The school has an urban setting and its campus size covers 175 acres.

Program Name– Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

Specialization –Information Technology, Information Systems

Program Length –184 units

Enrolled Students –37,565

Student-Teacher Ratio –20:1

Average Tuition

Undergraduate –$5,472

Credential Program –$6,348

Graduate –$6,738

2. City College of San Francisco, San Francisco

The school offers areas to specialize in the computer networking and information technology major. However, the program will require you to take courses on computer hardware, HTML, network security, networking and network certificate programs, so you can strengthen your major. Its setting is urban and it offers a suitable ambiance for learning.

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Program Name –Computer Networking and Information Technology

Enrolled Students –38,041

Students Teacher Ratio –22:1

Tuition & Fees –In-State Tuition – $1,290 and out-of-State Tuition – $7,246

3. Los Angeles City College, LA

Los Angeles City College offers an information systems program that includes courses in HTML, programming math, networking, data structures, and other subjects. You will have to learn about various operating systems, such as Unix and Windows. This learning will refine your skills in programming areas like Visual Basic and XML.

Program Name –Computer Science and Information Technology

Students Teacher Ratio –37:1

Tuition– $1,220 per year for CA residents and $6,810 for non-residents

4. Ashford University, San Diego

This university offers affordable, accessible, innovative and top-notch quality education opportunities and degree programs that fit the needs of individuals pursuing degrees in IT majors. The university is equipped with digital tools that will improve the learning experience. Students enrolled in an undergraduate and graduate program can save time and money by opting for Smart Track program.

Program Name– BA in Business Information Systems; Online Course

Enrolled Students –77,734

Student-TeacheRatio– 16:1

tuition & Fees– $10,480 without financial aid

5. Strayer University, California

Strayer University timetables classes at times that can fit students schedule. The university offers both online and campus-based programs. Founded in 1892, students can receive a quality education that is accessible and supportive. Their flexible programs can enhance students’ learning experience. The university boasts more than 40,000 working adult students. These students heavily benefit from qualified faculty and support staff.

Program Name –Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Specialization –cyber security, networking

Tuition –$12,975

6. West Los Angeles College, LA

This school’s information technology program consists in Computer Science Information Technology. The program will make you qualified and skilled on courses like data structures, networks and Java programming. You will have to undergo general education courses like social sciences, English and natural sciences to supplement your degree. Your program will contain electives that will cover Cisco Routers, HTML, database programming and information storage management.

Program Name– Computer Science and Information Technology

Tuition & Fees –$1,220 per year for CA residents; $7,016 non-residents>

Program Length– 2 years, full time for Associate of Arts in Computer Science Information Technology

7. Cuyamaca College, San Diego

You can shine your skills with the various Information Technology courses offered by this school. Cuyamaca College is a community college that offers various networking certificate programs. Its programs features sophisticated computer labs for hands-on learning and internship opportunities. You can learn about Cisco networking and computer maintenance through its specially designed Certificate of Proficiency programs.

☑Program Name – Computer and Information Science

☑Tuition & Fees – $1,388 per year in-state, $7,196 per year out-of-state

8. San Diego City College

The school offers a wide range of programs designed to equip you for subjects like Visual Basic programming, data structures and object-oriented design. You can also receive certificates from completing programs in computer programming, Internet fluency, network technician, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, etc.

Program Name– Associate of Science in Computer Information Systems

Program Length– 60 credits

Tuition & Fees– $1,142 for in-state and $4,670 for out-of-state students

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9. Coleman University, San Diego

Coleman University is a private, non-profit educational institution centered in Information Technology education. Founded in 1963, Coleman University emphasizes on computer education, that is why its curricula are technology-based. It offers a bachelor’s degree program in Computer Information Systems at its San Diego campus. You can can also be experienced in small business management, programming, software testing, etc. after completing that course.

Program Name– Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

Program Length– 180 credits

Tuition & Fees– $20,725 per year

10. San Diego State University, San Diego

This university offers a Master’s Degree Program in Information Systems (MSIS). The course will equip you for careers in Web development, security, systems analysis, supply chain and operations and business analytics, and IT auditing and e-government. You need to earn a bachelor’s in supply chain management and information systems to enrol in the course.

Program Length– 36 credits

Tuition & Fees– $8,242 per year for in-state students and $17,170 for out-of-state students

11. College of Alameda, San Francisco

Pursuing an Associate of Arts degree in Computer Information Systems at College of Alameda will earn you an associate’s degree and a Certificate in Achievement in Computer Information Systems. You will have to conform to the school’s three levels of proficiency (TOP) model when earning your degree. You will learn about computer terminology, operations and programming periodically.

Program Name– Associate in Arts in Computer Information Systems

Program Length– 60 units

Tuition & Fees– $1,156 per year for in-state students and $6,316 for out-of-state students

12. Biola University, Long Beach

If you want to study at Biola University, you first need to participate in introductory courses covering computer science, software engineering, data structures, programming languages, etc. Biola University’s information systems program is more adaptive to business principles such as accounting, finance and microeconomics. If you wish to pursue an undergraduate degree in business administration, you will earn a degree with an information systems specialization.

Program Name– Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Specialization Sectors– Information Systems, Computer Science

Program Length– four years full-time

Tuition & Fees –$34,498 per year

13. Los Angeles Mission College

This school’s computer science information technology program offers classes on programming logic, microcomputer software applications and electronic publishing. You will learn about economics, bookkeeping, business law if you undertake the business concentration. While the computer science concentration will require you to take an additional course in C++ Programming.

Program Name– Associate in Arts in Computer Science Information Technology

Specialization Areas– Business, Computer Science

Program Length– 2 years, full-time

Tuition & Fees –$1,220 per year for CA residents; $6,992 per year for non-residents

14. Grossmont College

Grossmont’s programs feature planning and managing LANs in an organization and also a foundation in OSs, information systems and programming. Your undertaken course includes LANs, WANs, TCP/IP, network management, etc. You can also take part in a directed work experience besides finishing a job search assistance course.

Program Name– Associate in Science in Computer Science Information Systems

Specialization– LAN support specialist concentration

Program Length– Two years, full-time

Tuition & Fees– $1,388 per year in-state, $7,196 per year out-of-state

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15. University of San Francisco, San Francisco

You can achieve the Master in Information Systems through the School of Management. This program will prepare you with an understanding of the technological needs in managing an organization. You will also learn how these needs form an organization’s financial structure, organizational system and employees. If you opt for an additional concentration in information security, you will also need to participate in IT forensics and network security.

Program Name– Master of Science in Information Systems

Specialization– information security, biotechnology

Program Length– 36 credit hours

Tuition & Fees– $22,410 per year for in-state and out-of-state students

16. Southwestern College, San Diego

If you undertake an associate course with Southwestern, you will learn about Cisco networking and networking fundamentals, routing internetworking, WAN and LAN. The computer information systems feature a work experience component and courses in telecommunications, operating systems, etc.

Program Name– Associate in Science in Computer Information Systems

Specialization– internetwork technicalities

Program Length– Two years, full-time

Tuition & Fees– $1,336 per year in-state, $5,452 per year out-of-state

17. National University, San Diego

National University’s programs are presented in a 1-course-per-month format. Its program centers in coursework in system development, data communications, ergonomic design, etc. Available optional subjects include wireless LAN, computer forensics, information security, and management.

Program Name– Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

Program Length– 180 credits

Tuition & Fees –$12,744 per year

18. College of the Sequoias, CA

If you wish to work in fields such as technical support, computer programming or database development, then the school has very integrated programs to prepare you. In addition, you will learn about programming basics, Java programming, etc.

Program Name– Certificate of Achievement in Computer and Information Systems

Program Length– 29 credits

Tuition & Fees– $1,388 per year for CA students and $6,988 for non-residents

19. Fresno City College, CA

This school’s program will equip you for a 4-year program with an introduction to computer science and information systems. The program includes coursework in managerial accounting, Visual Basic, advanced programming applications, and microeconomics.

Program Name– Associate of Science in Computer Information Systems

Program Length– 60 credits

Tuition & Fees– $6,834 for non-residents

20. California State University, Fullerton

The program requires to take at least seven classes, two options and a capstone course. The mandatory courses cover programming concepts and information resource management. The business school of California State University – Fullerton features an MS in Information Systems.

Program Name– MS in Information Technology

Program Length– 20 months

Tuition & Fees– $6,738 per year for in-state students and $15,666 for out-of-the students

Bottom Line

An Information Technology degree can prop you up for building an exciting career in a range of industries. As businesses, industries becoming more and more technology-dependent, employers are always on their toes to bag the skilled IT workers. The US state of California offers a wide range of colleges that feature IT courses integrated with business, networking, computer science, etc. These courses will nurture and prepare you for the upcoming challenges in the technology realm.

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