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Do you have a DVR or an NVR at home, well then this is for you. You know how complicated network configurations are for these, well lets just that it’s been quite a tough journey. So what kind of solution can be brought in to fix this issue that we are facing at the moment? Well one of them is the Swannview link, this can aid any problems that you have when it comes to controlling the DVRs and NVRs. So this is the go-to, but before we get to that this is an app that was created for ios and Androids, and if you want a Swannview link for windows you have to go through quite a lengthy process in order to get it, as you will need to be downloading. 

What is the Swannview link and how does it work?

So like we’ve said it is a way that you can monitor your home more efficiently. So this is how it works, firstly after you download the app you will have to scan a QR code, this may take a few minutes, but it won’t take too much of your time up. The next step is to enter the device name and enter the password then save and start your preview. With that being said you can be able to see all your cameras which have been connected. Therefore you now have total control over the house. And with this app, you can enable and disable the audio, record, play and stop the videos, and so on. This is basically all there is to it.

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How to get it for windows?

There are a couple of steps that you have to undergo if you want to be able to access the Swannview link for windows. First of all, you would have to download the Bluestaks emulator, then after the software has been downloaded you will have to install it, and this may take a bit of time depending on the speed of your PC. Then once the software opens up you can access your google account and you can download your applications. Just like that, from there onwards you can control the house with this new app. Now before you install the Bluestaks make sure that you have 2GB of RAM, that you are the PC’s administrator and finally that you have a hard disk of 4GB, and that’s it.

How to Install Swannview Link on Mac

In order to install the Swannview Link on your Mac device, you must have an Android Emulator installed on your Mac Device. If you have an Android Emulator installed on your Mac device then follow these easy steps:

  • First, open the Android Emulator from your Mac device
  • Now login to the Google Play Store
  • Search the “Swannview Link” in the store
  • Now install the app from the store, or
  • If you have Swannview Link on your Mac device, then drag and drop the APK file into the emulator to install the App  
  • Now open the Swannview Link app and use it on Mac PC

The pros of this app

This app is deemed sufficient for a reason because, first of all, it has got motion and heat-sensing cameras, so just to think that the cameras could notice the tiniest creature. That should increase the safety that we develop in certain surroundings. The cameras have an amazing 1080p HD five-megapixel video, so the videos will be crystal clear. Not only that but night vision, it’s got night vision! So makes sure that everything is seen and captured even in the dark. That’s one way to keep people safe. 

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