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Stremio actually nothing but is a video streaming application, which rather allows you to watch and have the video content from over a vast range of video services, which also includes movies, series, live TV and video channels. The content which will be or is being streamed is aggregated by an add-on system providing streams from the services provider like Netflix, iTunes, HBO, YouTube or Twitch. Let us know more about Stremio. And which can be downloaded using Stremio apk or any other source? Stremio has a few key differences that set it really different from some pre projected programs. Although the stremio users can’t actually install customized builds or skins as often provided by many other programs. 

Advantages of Stremio App

There are a lot of benefits of joining the stremio application some of which include:

  • It helps in sorting out and filtering the videos
  • Statistics can be viewed through this application
  • Tagging of videos can be done
  • Custom starts and pictures can be framed
  • Replacing of videos can be done
  • Up to three copies of a single file can be stored

And many more features

Uses and features of the Stremio apk

  • Watching movies: The most useful yet the basic feature we get with the stremio application is we can watch movies from the latest uploads to the old classic ones which are uploaded on various platforms and is streamed on stremio all on a single platform
  • Installing new add-ons: Although stremio comes with pre-installed features such as recommendations, reminder and many more. But there are options in which we can rather install the new add-ons as per our requirements and making our software handier for us.
  • Controlling Stremio remotely: You can, therefore, control remotely an online stream being played on your computer as long as both your devices are connected to the same network for making this happen, you’ll see a QR code in your application. Simply by scanning the code, you will be directed to a website that gives you full control of the application without having to install anything directly on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Using the Stremio calendar: With the basic streaming feature, the stremio comes with s a pre-installed calendar that we can be used to simply keep a track of streaming or live series or Tv shows. This just simply helps the viewer to be connected with the shows they feel like to be with. This feature is used to get all updates about the new uploads, along with the released dates of upcoming shows which are automatically calculated by the software only and it is more likely to be correct most of the time.
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Downloading and Installing Stremio on your device

The download process of stremio is real east and can be done using the download link provided on the official website. Installing Stremio is actually very simple. Although finding it of official Google platforms might not be difficult but you’ll need to the official website – exousia-apk/ of stremio and from where you simply have to download the app.

Download Stremio APK File

After that just follow the login procedures. Now that Stremio is installed and you’re logged in you are good to go. 

How to use and customize the Stremio application?

Way before you actually can begin to use Stremio, the application will ask you to actually log in with your credentials so as to sync with your watch list. You can either choose to create a dedicated account for Stremio or simply can log in using Facebook credentials, you even have the option to skip the entire process and jump directly into it by login as a guest. The only thing that comes along with the guest mode is that you actually won’t save your settings for future visits, so it can be used if you want to customize on a temporary basis.

So choose whichever option you prefer to be in after that you can jump on to further options such as.

  • Showing relevant content: Just after the very first time you sign in to Stremio, you’ll be initially asked to select at least any three content categories which will be listed on and the categories in which you’re more interested in. Stremio then uses the following preferences to suggest the type of content that you might be interested in. In fact, just after you have made your selections there should be at least one video recommended.
  • Diverse language settings: in stermio you can also change the language settings since you do have a provision to do so. For this, all you need to do is go to the settings of the stermio application {marked as a gear symbol} which is present at the top right corner. In this icon, you can select the hardware-accelerated decoding option and then a box with no particularly will appear you can select your preference from there and also no confirmations are needed automatic changes are made through this application and so beginning of the application is pretty easy.
  • Changing the backgrounds: the Stermio application does not allow its users to change up the backgrounds of its basic layout much unlikely to the skin changing services offered by Kodi. However, a small file to select the basic backgrounds is given. This has a small profile with different colors filled in it. To accesses this you can go on to the settings icon and below the language selection drop-down menu list. Just below it is the color theme scheme from wherein you can choose your wanted color. 
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Stremio one of the best online streaming app is very easy to download and use. Stremio apk can be downloaded and after installation, you are ready to go. And basically, Stremio is very easy to use the application even for the nontechnical ones. Stremio is technically a media center application that can be for desktop PC, smartphones, and tablets. Hence to conclude it can be said that stermio is one of the leading media companies in offering digital media streaming experience that is streamlined and curated. This application can also be downloaded on various apps like the amazon firesticks, the dishes etcetera. However even after housing so- so many benefits this site like every else by having a big room for a better potential. 

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