10 Coolest Thing Ever Happened To Me After Reducing My Facebook Usages

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Hey, Robert here.

Well, this is going to be the very first article of this BitGlit.Com. There are hundreds of thousands of Cool things that exist in this world; I know. And I know that I will write about this stuff one by one. But, there is something I didn’t know about myself and the Facebook those I can’t but share here. What an awesome starting that would be for this blog. Lol. 😀

Okay. Some days ago my wife noticed it that I am passing most of the time on Facebook. She means a lot of time. And asked me to quit Facebook for a couple of weeks so that I can get back to my work (as I am doing some online jobs) and see the progress. I admitted that and installed a browser add-on named StayFocusd and limited my Facebook Operational Duration to only 30 minutes a day.

Seriously? I am not going to use Facebook whenever I want? It was impossible for me for first couple of days as I disabled that Addons and entered Facebook to check others’ status. But, eventually, I was able to shut myself for doing this repeatedly and allowed me only for 30 minutes on FB a day.

Truly speaking; that changed my life. Seriously! That completely changed the attitude and thinking of how I work, how I think and how I think about others and my surroundings.

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Lets share every coolest thing ever happened to my online life after quitting Facebook. Proceed on:

 1. Started Working More

As I have already saved lots of time from Facebook; I am being able to work more on my existing projects. No more notifications and no more ting tong sound on my mobile. So Working is the only way to pass my time. Sounds cool, huh?

2. Productivity Increased

Like hundreds of thousands of Facebook users around all over the world; I was getting lots of App requests, games requests, and friend requests every day. And as a regular and active FB user, I just had to admit that and participate in the discussion on group messages. I got notifications of unknown people’s birthday as you know you may need to accept people based on your mutual. And if you comment in anyone’s picture or video; you are done for the rest of the day. Your friends will get noticed that you commented somewhere and they will start interacting there too. So, you have to join, you know, you can’t deny.

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So, quitting Facebook or at least allowing FB to use for a limited time allowed me to be distraction-less and thus my overall productivity increased.

3. Less Disturbing Issues – Fewer Distractions

Every Facebook user is a political pundit in any way. Every time you open your Facebook app; you will find at least one or two political attacks and counter attacking posts on FB wall. Its really disturbing and as you are a human being and have somehow a view on any political party on your country; you will easily get aroused by the issue and start interacting. And Facebook is an interaction maniac which is enough to make you think about the issue whole day. I was taking it to the next level as whenever I would saw a post about any negativity of my political views; I started reading and studying about it to discuss and input my thoughts.

Besides the political issue, what mostly distracted me a lot are- religious matters, atheism, believers, hatred and NSFW images. If you are an active user, you may already in lots of groups and pages and own lots of friends already; so you can’t avoid these stuff as every time these will show up on your feed.

So, quitting Facebook for a limited time returned my normal life back.

4. Saved Lots of Working Time

You are in Facebook means; you are wasting time for nothing. If you engage your employees or workers in Facebook for communication or group discussion; then you are not discussing anything or communicating with anyone. You literally allowing them to use Facebook besides works. You consciously urging them to waste your valuable and pricey working time. Less facebook means more working time.

And this happened to me and thank God that eventually, I have realized it.

5. No Worries of Showing Up

Whatever you see on Facebook; most of these are their best. So, in general, and in common you won’t get that or have that. Photos that people share on Facebook; they share their best photos taken after at least 10 shots/images. Cars you see; are borrowed; most of the time. Furniture of their home is the best-decorated corner of their room. So, everyone is showing up on Facebook. Which in general; very rare. Trust me, very rare.

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It also happened to me. Whenever I felt like to publish anything on Facebook; I tried to publish the best photos, the best dresses, and the best vehicles I rode on no matter whether it was mine or not.

So, now I don’t have to worry about anything. I live like really I am. No worries.

6. No More Sticking With Mobile

Facebook App is probably the most downloaded app on the Google Play store and in the App Store. And I was one of these downloaders who usually kept himself online throughout the whole day, 24/7 and months after months. Whenever I was taking my lunch or dinner; I was checking notifications on my mobile. Whenever I am in Toilet; I used to use Mobile with Facebook opened. I am on the train and I am also on Mobile checking FB feed.

So, my life was all about based on Facebook and the mobile with the app. Now, I am a normal guy without those abnormal activities.

7. No Inferiority Complex, Not anymore!

Like I said before, Facebook is all about showing your best up. But, in reality, you don’t afford that. 90% of your friends in Facebook don’t afford the shits that those are showing up on Facebook. But, whenever you are addicted on it; you will trust everything you see there. And you will feel yourself a mean and less-fortunate guy of this world.

No more inferiority complex these days as I am out of Facebook. I am alive and brilliantly and fantastically alive.

8. Got more time for my real friends.

On Facebook, your friends will show you sympathy for any of your losses by commenting below right after your posts. They will create Events virtually. They will heat the hijackers by their FB posts who hijacked your Laptop day before. They will through stone to the notorious government at 3 AM of the night only on Facebook.

I know, it happened to me also. I was broke for some days and those so-called FB friends showed sympathy by their comments but never helped me in real.

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So, getting back to my offline and real friends who were and still are beside me no matter what. Peace.

9. Got more time for my family.

You say Hi to your Mom and younger brother on Facebook. You share your Dad’s post. You published a “Happy Mothers Day” image on your Facebook wall saying – “I Love You Ma” and you think the love spreads? Sorry, No! Family bonding is not exactly like that.

I am lucky that I realized it and got back to the real-life where I am telling my Mom every day that how much I love her. Besides, I get her heavenly smile in return.

10. Started reading text book again.

I almost forgot the paperback books as I didn’t have much more time for that. Whatever the time I got after my official work; I made it sure that I can give all of my leisure time on Facebook. And this is how I deprived myself of the literature, cultures, geography and the life of the world’s greatest people. I was becoming a nerd who only knows about Computer, the Internet, and Facebook. I was technically becoming a dumb-ass who knows nothing about life and the world except Facebook and Online space.

Now I am reading at least 1 page of a paperback book every day as I am getting lots of quality time right after my traditional work. That one page is seriously upgrading my lifestyle and thinking.

The Grand Finale

Last but not the least, I can read my life very well now and I know what the great mistakes I have been doing for such long time. And after quitting FB; that coolest thing that happened my life changed me myself thoroughly.

If you are reading so far; then you are already halfway in and congrats. Think about your life again and make a decision today. Don’t cage by Facebook or any social media. Better, you cage them and live your real life.

It’s your life. Make sure its fulfilled with love, but not hatred and bullshits of others. Get out of your computer right now, shut down your FB app, and go to your library. Instead of messaging your mom over social media, have a call or go to her and say something she loves most.

You will feel the differences, like how I am feeling now.

Life is beautiful.

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