Download Qooapp Apk For Android, Windows Pc, And Mac

This is an age where gaming apps are in the boom. People are becoming more and more addicted to playing games in their leisure time. Japanese, Chinese and Korean games are making their mark in the gaming industry. Some of the Asian video games are available in the Google play store, but if you want to dig deeper into getting the Asian video games, qooapp apk is the perfect app for you. This app has video games available from all over Asia.  So basically Qooapp is a window that gives people access to Japanese, Korean and Chinese video games.

What exactly is QOOAPP APK?

For game lovers who love to play Asian video games, this app is their perfect destination, especially for android devices. This app gives access to all the popular and not so popular Asian video games in your android mobile. This is a platform where you can find all kinds of anime games. The home page of this app is also very attractive. It has neatly set tabs that give you an idea about what you can find in there. For example under the Game store tab, you can find games that are new, hot game of the day, weekly ranking, sneak peek and so on with a detailed description of each game. qooapp apk also has a separate upcoming section under which you can find the list of all upcoming games. 

So that the player has an idea as to when a particular game is to be launched in the market. The player can also find an event and forum section where all the incidental events are listed in chronological order. The players can write their comments and experiences in this section.

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The first time users of qooapp apk will be astonished to see a wide and extensive collection of Asian mobile games ranging from very old to the most modern ones. In short, this app is an alternative market for those game lovers who want a way to get access to the games that are released by Asian game developers for people in specific Asian countries like Japan, China, and Korea.

Features of QOOAPP APK

  • The most important feature of this App is the access it grants to all the anime games that Asian game developers have developed and only the specific Asian countries have access to. 
  • You don’t need an account to get games from Qooapp.
  • Your own watch list can be made and the games you want to install can be added.
  • The app gets instantly updated when you click to check for the updated option.
  • The presentation of the app items is simple, easy, and neat. 
  • Get suggestions about exciting and interesting games in the app itself.
  • Get the game ratings and play hot and trendy games and invite friends to play along.

Is it safe to download QOOAPP APK?

The games that are available in the qooapp are from Google play store so it is completely safe to download it into your android mobile phones. This app doesn’t support piracy or playing the paid game for free. So there is no violation of any sort. The games listed in the app are the same games that are in the Google app in the respective countries. This app just gives you access to those games.

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Qooapp a brief info

  • App name- qooapp apk
  • Version – 7.6.3
  • APK size- 20.16MB
  • Supported version- Android 4.0.3+
  • App developer- young developers
  • Last updated- November 16, 2018

How to download and use Qooapp

It is really very easy to download and use this app. This is how it is done.

  • First, download the .APK file for Qoo app
  • You can do this by directly downloading the .APK file on your android mobile.
  • You can now run the .APK file on your android device and install Qoo app
  • After the installation of the app on your device run the app to play region blocked games from Japan, China, and Korea. 

Before downloading the app, make sure you enable unknown sources- simply open settings, security and enable the option.

The links can help you download the app. This app is absolutely free; you don’t need an account to play any game in this app. But if you register and get an account you can avail of some cool features like creating your list of favorite apps or logging every app that you install and many more.

Qooapp is one of the best apps for game lovers all over the world especially those who love Asian anime games. This is a platform for all such game lovers. The qooapp apk provides its services for free most of the games played in this app are not in native English but it never will be a problem because it is all about playing games, language doesn’t matter. This game app is very user-friendly as already indicated it doesn’t require an account to play a game. You can simply choose the game you want and click the download button. Wait for it to install and then start playing.

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There are a few questions that are always asked by the people, who want to download the app –

Is this gaming app free & safe to download? 


Is it possible to use this app in your PC?


What are the features of new version of Qooapp?

There are a lot of new features in the updated version of this app, like –

Optimized comic section
New modules on the home page
Follow the pre registered and unreleased titles and stay up-to-date.

Lots of research has been done to know whether this app is harmful to your device but till now none has been found to indicate that it can cause any harm to your device.

So go ahead and download this unique and lovely app and be the part of the wonderful gaming world. Anime game lovers from around the world can make use of this app. It is free and safe. 

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