PokeSniper | How To Use This App on PC & Mac?

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Pokesniper: an app which can help one play Pokémon go in an easy way

About pokesniper

Everyone has heard about Pokémon go, as it is one of the most played games in the last few years. one has to catch pokemon and then have to make them ready for gym battles. This game turns the entire city into a virtual place from where one can catch Pokémon. However catching and searching for Pokémon is not an easy task, one needs to go around the city and then catch them from difficult places.

With pokesniper, one can easily track and know the location of the Pokémon. In this application, there is usually a list of Pokémon characters and about their exact location so that one can go and collect them without having to run around the city. This will not only help one collect all the favorite ones, but it will also decrease the number of accidents that might happen in the track and search situations.

Features of pokesniper

Some of the features of the pokesniper that makes it an effective application are:

  • Ease of playing: this application has brought a lot of ease into the gameplay. Usually traveling and going from one place to another is not easy for catching pokemon, but with this app, one can simply go from one place to another virtually and catch them without much trouble.
  • For everyone: not everyone is capable of going from one to another in search of pokemon due to certain problems like lack of conveyance or disability. But with the application, everyone can play Pokémon go and search for one’s favorite and needed Pokémon character easily.
  • Exact location: with this app one can get the exact location and coordinates to find the Pokémon. One will not have to relentlessly search for Pokémon anymore.
  • Reliability and speed: one can be sure of the reliability of the application as one will get a true location and also will not have to worry about losing one’s Pokémon due to wrong coordinates. Also one can catch legendary Pokémons using whom one can defeat the challengers in battles easily.
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How to install pokesniper on windows?

One can download and install the pokesniper application onto one’s personal computer which runs on Windows 7/8/10.

  1. First, download an android emulator like bluestacks which can be used to download and install the pokesniper.
  2. After the emulator is downloaded and installed successfully one can open the emulator and open the google play store through it. 
  3. After opening the play store, search for pokesniper and click on it to download and install it in the pc. 
  4. After the installation is complete, one can see it on my app page.
  5. To use the application one might have to restart the computer.

How to install pokesniper on mac?

One can install and download pokesniper using the Android emulator and the steps to be followed are:

  • One can download an emulator like bluestacks from the internet using its official link.
  • After the emulator is downloaded one can set up the google play store in its using one’s own email address.
  • After the play store is set up one can search for pokesniper in its search bar.
  • As the app will be installed one can find it on the app page of the emulator.

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