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How to use podcast addict for pc and Mac and the advantages of this app 

Managing videos and audios in your mobile device is something that many of us are looking for and are unable to find the best option in mind. So, if you want to manage your files efficiently in your android device then it is quite a simple task as many good apps are available for this purpose. But if you want to manage your files in a PC or a MacBook then it becomes difficult as the choice of apps becomes restricted and then you have to choose an option that you didn’t find the best one. Here is a little solution for you by which you can effectively manage all your files and devices in PC and Mac. 

Features of Podcast addict App For All Devices

podcast addict for pc is one of the best apps that help you to manage all your files and audios and videos at a place so that it is present in a well-organized form in your device. Besides these, if you are playing a video using this app then you will be able to restart from where you paused. Thus, it is very user-friendly and takes care of the fact that your experience is always good while using this app. You can set the podcast for downloading something at night and when you get up in the morning then you have all the desired video and audio files downloaded in your app. This app was exclusively designed for the android devices and here is a way how you can use it for your PC or Mac platforms. The app is highly rated by several users and you can check the ratings on any website. So overall if you are looking for an app that can do all these for you then trying this one out is a must. 

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How to use podcast addict for pc in windows and Mac devices

  • Irrespective of the version of windows you have, whether it is windows 7, 8, 10 or even Mac just download and install Bluestacks for your device.
  • Once you have done that then install podcast addict for pc inside the bluestacks and then run it.
  • Bluestacks create an android platform like platform inside your device and help you to run the podcast addict app in it.
  • This software is popularly known as the Bluestacks android emulator software.
  • So, before you download the podcast addict app make sure you already have the Bluestacks app installed in your device. The same goes for mac where you have to first download bluestacks and then go for the podcast download.
  • The podcast addict app is not available in the apple store and hence this is the only way out.   

Overall if you are looking for a great organizer app then make sure you do not miss this one and get the best out of this app irrespective of the platform you are using.

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