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Edit your Photos to Mesmerization  

Do you want that perfect picture, with multiple layers, and textures, or are you tired of your boring pictures and want to spice it up a little, add some fun colors or the most random backgrounds. But you can’t find an editor which will do that, as most of them do the same thing by changing the filters. Which is okay, but is it that added spice you were looking for? I don’t think so. That’s why you should try out Picsart, now this is usually a mobile app, so if you want Picsart for your computer, you will have to go through a small process, but that’ll be discussed later on. Overall this is one of the most popular editing apps and has a fast-growing trend.

What is Picsart?

Before getting into how to download it and what kinds of features they have you need to know what it is. So it is actually many things combined into one, it is an image editor, a collage and drawing application as well as a social network. Yes, an editor is also a social network. You can edit photos and share it amongst the Picsart community, or you can also share it on other sites like Facebook, Instagram, and such. This app was actually released in 2011 but has gained so much popularity during these past few years only. It is almost as if the app was created only two years go. 

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How to Download?

So, unfortunately, this app was created for mobiles, and not for PCs, there is no official release for it. And I know that most of you edit your photos on your laptops, and you may think it isn’t possible, but fear not, you can get Picsart for PC, there are just a couple of things you have to overcome and then you are all set. First of all, you will have to download the Bluestaks emulator set up file, and install it. After installation search for Picsart in the browser, click on the install button and wait for it to be installed. When finished you can create a shortcut and so it is visible o your home screen. Then you edit your pictures as much as you want from Windows PC and Mac. 

What are their Special Features?

Picsart is one of those trendy things that are taking over the world, and it could be due to the ease of editing, it is actually very easy to edit photos even small children could even do it. So you can edit and pictures and make collages with minimal efforts. They also offer dozens of customizable filters, which are pretty far advanced, like emulating 3D effects. And if you feel like sharing on other networks that are also easy to do as it allows you to directly export your pictures on to other networks like Instagram. So no more having to screenshot and crop your pictures if you want to post it on something else. So getting Picsart will be extremely beneficial. 

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