Oversumo – How To Use This on Windows PC & Mac?

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Oversumo OW companion: the best app to learn about overwatch

About oversumo

Overwatch is a game that has gained major popularity all across the globe for its various features and numerous characters. But many find it a bit difficult to start with and understand it fully so as to play it seamlessly. This is the reason why oversumo has been created, which is a companion app for overwatch to understand the characters, their strengths, their weaknesses, and the methodology of the game in depth.  

One can select the characters from the pp and know about their customizations and weapons and how can play using them. One can also go through the game map and learn about various locations and the challenges that one might have to face in that particular level. One can also practice shooting and enhance ones aiming capabilities before entering the real game. Players can install the game to learn about overwatch before playing it and also before installing the game onto one’s device.  

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Features of oversumo

Some of the features that make oversumo a great application are:

  1. Compare: one can compare their performance with their family and friends using the oversumo app. This application allows a maximum six-member who plays overwatch to connect with each other and compare one’s profile with another. 
  2. Detailed stats: getting clear statistics of one’s gameplay on a daily basis is a great way to know how one is performing and how one can develop their performance. this app allows one to check their progress, strengths, and weaknesses with the help of graphs.
  3. Learn about the game: one can learn about the characters and locations and wars that are featured in the game in detail through this application. One can understand the war challenges in detail as well.
  4. Compatible: this application is compatible with Android, iOS, and Mac. In Android, it is compatible with the 4.0 and higher version and in windows, it is compatible with 7/8/10/XP/Vista.
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How to install oversumo on windows?

One can easily download the oversumo OW companion app on the personal computer and laptop which runs on the windows and mac os. However one will have to download an android emulator on one’s device before downloading the oversumo. Some of the emulators that one can download are like bluestacks, NOX, Andy OS, etc.

Steps to be followed are:

  • Forst thing to do is download an android emulator using the download link to one’s windows pc.
  • After the installation is complete one can open the emulator to download the oversumo app.
  • One can use the search bar of the emulator to search for the oversumo OW companion app either from the google play search bar or one can go to the google play through the emulator and search in its search bar. Or download the APK file from this link
  • After searching the app one will find it on the main page and can click on the icon to start installing it.
  • After the installation is complete one can see the app on the emulators home page and can run it from there.

How to install oversumo on mac?

Installing the game on mac will also require an android emulator which has to be installed first onto one’s mac PC.

  • After the emulator is downloaded, one can go to its home page and search in the google play store about the oversumo OW Companion. 
  • After the application will be shown on the search list, one can click on it to install it directly and it will be added to the emulator.
  • One can access the application from the emulators My App page after the installation is complete.
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