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N64 Emulator for PC
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Nintendo has a long history of making video games, and over the years, they have produced some classic video games that still have high demand among gamers. But the video game industry is ever-changing, and it is always moving forward to bigger and “better” things. So what about Nintendo 64 games?

Nintendo doesn’t have any plans to create an N64 Classic. So if you don’t have a working N64, it’s hard to play games from the dawn of Nintendo’s 3D days. But there is nothing to worry about because there is a very easy way available to play the classic N64 games, and it is via emulator. There are lots of N64 emulators available for PC. Here we have talked about a few best N64 Emulators for PC.

List of Best Nintendo 64 Emulator for Windows PC


This is a very popular N64 emulator. The main reason behind its popularity is; it is easy to use, and it’s open-source software. The dedicated community of Project64 always fixing the bugs and make sure gamers have the best experience. The latest version of Project64 doesn’t require installing additional video or audio plugins for certain games. So you don’t have to download the Glide64 video plugin separately, which is very convenient. With this emulator, you can play with the USB controllers. This emulator supports save states and high-resolution textures. The main downside of this emulator is the audio. Sometimes the audio can be inconsistent.

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Mupen64Plus is not user-friendly compared to Project64 but surely provide better audio experience than Project64. There are some games that may not run smoothly on Project64, but they will smoothly run on Mupen64Plus. The problem with Mupen64Plus is; it doesn’t have a user interface.Instead,you boot up ROMs through the command line. However, there is a plugin named M64Py available with that you can add a user interface to the emulator. The best part of this emulator is; it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. So this emulator is best for Mac and Linux users.

Mupen64Plus FZ

Mupen64Plus FZ is specially designed for mobile devices. Though the Mupen64Plus is available on Android,Mupen64Plus FZ is more users friendly. Though, it is a bit tough to install the Mupen64Plus FZ emulator. But once everything is ok, this is by far the best N64 emulators for androids. All the plugins are included,and the front-end GUI comes with the download, which is very convenient. This emulator supports the GLideN64 plugin, so you will be able to play most of the games with this emulator. But you have to remember that the default setting may not work with all the games. So, you have to create a new profile.


MegaN64 is the updated version of Mupen64+. This emulator is by far the most popular emulator on Android, with more than 900,000 user reviews and an average user rating of 4.6. This is because there is no hassle installing this emulator as well as it supports most of the games. You have to install the games on the micro SD card to play the games. The games load instantly and run without a hitch. One of the downsides of this emulator is its annoying ads, which pop up quite frequently on the menu. The development of this app is stopped a few years ago but still a solid, easy option for N64 emulation on Android.

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RetroArch is a multi-platform Nintendo 64 emulator though many considered it a front-end GUI. With RetroArch, you can download emulator cores to play games across a widerange of platforms like computers, smartphones, consoles, etc. RetroArch uses a libretto core modeled like the Mupen64Plus emulator. However, there are a lot of differences available between RetroArch and Mupen64Plus, for example,overclocking and more customization features.RetroArch also has a really neat “paraLLEl” core, and with it, you can render games on high-regulations. If you are looking for a simple Nintendo 64 emulator, then start using the RetroArch. Though some people find installing this emulator bit difficult, there are lots of video tutorials available on YouTube that you can follow to install the emulator.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article helps you learn more about the N64 Emulators for PC. If you have any questions regarding the N64 Emulators or having any error or difficulty while downloading or installing the emulator, then feel free to comment below and let us know. Our experts will provide a solution as soon as possible.

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