Are Ticketmaster Official Platinum Seats Worth It?

Luxury is defined as something that goes beyond what is necessary or ordinary, and there are few events in life where one can live up to this definition. However, attending a live concert may be the only exception. To make the experience even more memorable for concertgoers, Ticketmaster has launched a new service for concerts called Official Platinum Seats.

Ticketmaster is a leading ticketing company that provides tickets for various events. Tickets can range from $5- to $200+. The more expensive the ticket, the better the seat location. However, Ticketmaster has a new option with Platinum Seats for a higher price point of $250. These seats provide closer access to the stage and a special commemorative item.

A few years ago, Ticketmaster made a big change to their business model and started offering “Official Platinum Seats” for purchase. Many music fans may be wondering whether or not they’re worth it at this point.

What is Ticketmaster Platinum Tickets

Many people are surprised to find out that not all tickets are created equal. Ticketmaster is a popular website for purchasing tickets to live events, and there are Platinum Tickets available for purchase on the site. What makes the Platinum Tickets different? Platinum Tickets provide an unforgettable experience and include guaranteed best seats at the venue, fast-track entry, and more. Platinum Tickets allow you to skip the lines and get into your event quickly and easily.

Ticketmaster Platinum Tickets are the next level in their 3-tier ticket system. The Platinum level represents the top tier of all Ticketmaster events and experiences, offering things like exclusive presale access to concerts and shows in major sports arenas. Ticketmaster Platinum Tickets give fans special access to concert options in major sports arenas in cities like NYC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, and more.

Are These Tickets Resale?

The ticket industry is a complicated one that has been garnering a lot of attention in recent years. One of the top concerns many people have with tickets is whether they are authentic, and what the best practices are for buying tickets. Here’s a quick set of tips to help you identify if your tickets are from scalpers or real, licensed sellers.

A lot of people don’t know if they’re buying tickets from a primary or secondary market. As more and more people try to resell their tickets, the ticket industry has grown into a billion-dollar industry with an ever-growing black market. When you buy a ticket, you must know whether you’re buying from the primary or secondary market, and what your rights as a consumer are in either circumstance.

Do I Need a Presale Code for Ticketmaster Platinum?

If you are looking to purchase tickets for an upcoming concert, sporting event, or other event hosted by Ticketmaster Platinum, it is best to know if you need a presale code. A presale code is a password that must be entered to get access to the sale before general admission tickets go on sale to the public. Since not every pre-sale will have a presale code, some things can be done to find out if you need one.

If you’re a concert enthusiast, then the answer to that question will be yes. Even if you’re not, purchasing presale tickets for popular tours and concerts can give you the chance to get better seats and deals on tickets. The main tool for getting presale tickets is Ticketmaster, which provides an abundance of deals and discounts. For example, Platinum Tickets allow you to reserve up to 6 seats per show in your area with no fees or shipping charges.

Your best ticketing option in the modern-day comes with a hefty price tag in the form of Ticketmaster Platinum. For $150, you get access to all the best seats at every major event, but is it worth it? There are many factors to consider when buying tickets, but if you’re happy with your current options, then there may not be any need for Ticketmaster Platinum.

Are Platinum Tickets Legit?

A majority of the time, artists will have a set number of tickets that they will hand out to fans for free. These are called platinum tickets because they are given to people who are considered ambassadors of the artist’s fanbase. Platinum tickets are often provided to keep up with demand for concert tickets which can be high on certain tours but are often sold out before even being offered to the public.

Many people have been curious about how to get a platinum ticket. It all started when a lottery in an international company was introduced, and people were eager to know if they could win big. But not only did the concern for winning become popular but so did the platinum tickets people began buying from different sources without really knowing if they would work. With many scams going around, it’s important to research before you buy a platinum ticket just in case it is a scam.

Are Ticketmaster Platinum Tickets Worth It?

If you’re a frequent concert or sports attendee, consider purchasing a Ticketmaster Platinum ticket. Ticketmaster offers Platinum tickets for a variety of events, which can be purchased in bundle packs, including sporting events and concerts. What sets these tickets apart from other ticket packages? The platinum package includes a few extra perks, such as a souvenir gift and access to exclusive pre-sales. It also includes an exclusive Platinum Club membership with additional benefits.

For many concert-goers, it can be difficult to decide between the cost of general admission tickets and the price of a platinum ticket. Platinum tickets come at an even higher cost than general admission tickets, but offer fans private meet and greets with the artists, early entry into the venue, and premier seating in front of the artist’s stage. If you’re interested in these perks and have deep pockets, then Ticketmaster platinum tickets might be worth it.

How Do I Buy Platinum Tickets on Ticketmaster?

The past few years have seen a rise in the popularity of platinum tickets. The platinum ticket purchase process is very different from standard ticket purchasing on Ticketmaster. The first thing you have to do is download the app for your smartphone. Once you have downloaded the app, sign in with your account information. Once you are signed in, you will be able to browse through the list of concerts with platinum tickets available that evening. When you find an event that interests you, select “Buy Now.

One of the most common questions people have when trying to purchase a ticket to a concert, sporting event, or other live function is, “how do I purchase platinum tickets on Ticketmaster?” After you have found the event that you want to go to and clicked on the “find tickets” button, all you need to do is follow the steps below.


In conclusion, there are benefits to purchasing Ticketmaster “Official Platinum Seats.” Some cons may not outweigh the cost. It is ultimately up to the individual to decide if they would like to purchase these seats.
If you’re looking for a seat in an arena, Ticketmaster’s Official Platinum Seats have their perks. You can see the stage from every angle, have access to private bathrooms, and get seated before everyone else.

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