Acdc Tour Dates 2022 / 2023

In the past few months, the band, ACDC has announced two more national tours. The first tour will be in 2022 and the second tour will start in 2023. People are excited to hear about this because they have not had a tour starting since 2013. This is great news for fans who have been waiting to see their favorite band live again, as well as those who want to experience them for the first time

In a recent press release issued by the legendary rock band, ACDC, it has been revealed that the band will be hitting the road for two tours in 2022 and 2023. Tickets have already gone on sale and presales are expected to sell out quickly. This year marks the 40th anniversary of ACDC’s Back in Black album, which they are commemorating with these two tours.

The Australian rock band, AC/DC, is releasing a new album in 2020. Their 2020 tour will be the first time the band has toured since 2014. The last two years have seen AC/DC touring internationally with Axl Rose of Guns ‘N Roses frontman filling in for the late singer, Brian Johnson.

And tour dates and schedule 2022 / 2023

The band Acdc is one of the most well-known bands in history. They have been touring around the world since they were founded in 1973 until they announced their retirement in 2016. Now that they have not been touring for a while, Acdc has announced their tour dates and schedule for 2022 and 2023–a total of 66 concerts.

The Australian rock band, Acdc is already planning its tour schedule for the next decade. The tour will start in 2022 and will consist of over 200 dates. The group has no plans to stop touring until they are finished in 2032. “This one’s on me,” said guitarist Angus Young when he announced the tour.

The year 2022 is around the corner, and with it comes the next Acdc tour. They are rumored to be touring in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. Little information has been released about this tour yet, but the schedule will surely be released soon.

Acdc Tour 2022 and 2023

And concert tickets information 2022 / 2023

The band ACDC just released their latest album, which will be the beginning of the 20th and final album before they retire. The new album is titled “Rock or Bust” and is set to release on December 2nd, 2014. This will be the last time fans can get tickets to see ACDC live in concert. Fans are advised to buy tickets now before they sell out.

The tickets for AC/DC’s concert in 2022 and 2023 are going to be available for purchase soon. Several factors go into determining the ticket prices, including the popularity of the band, the location of the venue, and who will be opening for AC/DC. Generally speaking, a concert will cost less to attend if it is not at a stadium or arena.

To purchase Acdc concert tickets, it is important to learn about the various methods of acquiring them. One way to buy Acdc concert tickets is to use a credit card or debit card. The advantage of using a credit card is that if something goes wrong with your order, you may be able to dispute the charge with your credit card company and get a refund for the ticket purchase.

How much are Acdc concert tickets?

The average ticket price for an Acdc concert is about $175.00. This is a large difference from what it was in the 1980s when the band hit its peak of popularity. The band has been around since 1973 when they were originally called “Deep Purple” and their name was changed to “Acca Dacca” in 1975.

It’s the time of year again, and you start getting excited about your favorite concert – but can you afford it? Asking how much Acdc concert tickets cost is an important question to ask before buying them. Many factors go into the ticket price, which includes the venue, the event date, and the artist.

The rock band ACDC has been around since 1973. They are one of the most popular music bands of all time, with more than 150 million album sales worldwide. Despite their longevity, they have not had a North American tour in years. The problem? Prices for concert tickets are sky-high.

And Ticket Prices

City  VenueAverage Ticket Price
Los AngelesDodger Stadium$171
ChicagoWrigley Field$231
San FranciscoOracle Park
BostonGillette Stadium$121

And tour setlist 2022 / 2023

  • Rock or Bust
  • Shoot to Thrill
  • Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be
  • Back in Black
  • Play Ball
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  • Thunderstruck
  • High Voltage
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Train


In conclusion, the band, AC/DC, is back in the tour business with two new world tours. Their first world tour will be from May through December 2020 and their second from May through December 2021. Tickets for the 2020 world tour will go on sale November 23rd at 10 a.m. EST and tickets for the 2021 world tour will go on sale November 24th at 10 a.m. EST.


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