Monster Buster | How To Use This on Windows PC & Mac

Monster Buster | How To Use This on Windows PC & Mac 2
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Monster buster: match monsters and get upgraded

About monster buster

Monster buster is one of those games which can keep anyone hooked for a long time. It is a puzzle game in which one will have to match monsters either vertically or horizontally to clear the challenges and levels. There are several stages to play and also there are various hurdles and blockades to cross which makes the game difficult progressively. One can also play it with others and share lives when in need. It is a game that is compatible with Android, iOS, and windows and Mac PC. 

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Features of monster buster

Some of the features of the monster buster android app are:

  • Mission: there are several missions that are to be completed in this game. Some of the variants are like the ones which are to be completed in a given time period and which are to be completed using a fixed numb er of moves. One will have to match monsters, break the ice, score a certain amount of points, open cookie lockers, defeat the boss, etc. 
  • Easy interface: the overall interface of the game is super easy because one can easily match the similar color monsters when they are in a single row or column with at least three in number. One can also make special monsters who have special powers by making four or more matches.
  • Various types of monsters: the game super colorful and interesting because of the monsters as there are six of the main type; Fire, water, stone, poison, and wind. One can also make special monsters like horizontal, vertical and round bombs. 
  • Extra help: if one is stuck in the game then some of the extra tokens can help one cross a certain blockade. Some of the extras are like 3 or 5 extra moves, 10 extra seconds which are really helpful in time limit levels, bombs, hammers, shovel, time machine, shuffler, magic wand, etc. 
  • Hurdles: not only the challenges are difficult, one will have to face many in-game hurdles as well as time bombs, color-changing monsters, spell monsters, puffing bombs, chilling bombs, etc.
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How to install monster buster on Windows?

One can download the monster buster onto one’s personal computer or laptop which runs of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. But first one will have to download an android emulator like bluestacks.

Steps that are to be followed are:

  • First, download and install bluestacks or any other android emulator onto one’s windows PC.
  • After installing it, use one’s email address to add and set up google play store onto one’s emulator. 
  • After the google play store is added, search for the monster buster in the search bar.
  • After the search is over one can see the app in the search list, and clicking on the icon one can start the installation process.
  • After the app is installed, one can find it in the emulator’s app page.

How to install monster buster on Mac?

The steps that are to followed to download and install monster buster onto mac PC are:

  • First, download and install an android emulator like bluestacks in the pc.
  • After this, either search monster buster using the search bar of the emulator or the google play search bar.
  • After the search is complete one can install the application onto ones pc using the emulator.
  • As soon as the installation is complete one can access the game form the emulator’s app page.

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