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Mobile Patrol for PC
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The Police of all democratic countries has been under immense pressure from the criminal fringe of late. From protecting the Public, Police Forces everywhere have been forced to seek Public cooperation to survive. And the public has responded. The Police have not only co-operated with this public effort but actively encouraged it. The local Law Enforcement Authorities have been for sometime broadcasting relevant crime news through the Press, the Radio, the TV and even the Networks. But this effort has largely been unorganized from the public side. Now, Mobile Patrol for PC has arrived, as an app that has been created by consultation with the Police forces of several democratic countries, in order to provide a Safety Net and Alert System for the general public.

What does MOBILE PATROL Offer?

Mobile Patrol for PC uses its connection with local and central Police departments to try and improve public safety. An early warning system, instituted by the Police, is used to cast a safety net around the public. The concept is to spread the usage of such apps to every locality under the Police so that the public remains conscious of the latest dangers posed by the criminal underbelly of the society. This is a fast-acting app and can be used to ensure Police intervention in the face of imminent or ensuing danger. In-turn the citizen can act as an anonymous third eye for the Police as an Observer and Informer of crimes or criminals.  

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Main Uses

  1. The citizens, after installing this app must first create connectivity with the local Police station and Cyber Cell.     

2.  By additionally establishing Internet or digital contact with Fire Fighting departments and even Hospitals and other private or public services, the citizen can build up a help structure with the necessary emergency help-lines.    

3. The app collects data on criminal activities and informs the user, as well as the latest news, the presence within the user’s locality, of criminals and suspects and natural disaster situations. 

4.  Emergency alerts are flashed audiovisually as and when received from the appropriate department.

5. From the data input by the user as well as that beamed by the authorities, a map of possible events will be built up by the App. This will then be used to predict events. 

Installation For PC 

This software has been uploaded by the Creators only on PlayStore and is therefore intended for use for Android and iOS platforms only. So this can be downloaded on PC only by using an Emulator. The process is as follows.

  1. First download a suitable Emulator, such as Bluestaks.
  2. Launch and Open the app, and click on the ‘My Apps’ button inside the Emulator. 
  3. First login to Google account. 
  4. Download the Mobile Patrol app from the Playstore in Google Play onto the PC.  
  5. If compatible, the program will begin to run in due time, and provide a safety net for the User as well as the family.   
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