Download Minecraft Earth Apk For Android, Windows & Mac

What is Minecraft Earth?

Minecraft earth is basically a live adventure game, which has augmented elements from the environment of the real world. This game involves some great challenges that millions of players need to face and overcome. All the virtual objects in the Minecraft earth seem to have a more real-life effect. 

The players would have situations where they need to face some hostile mobs and fight against them. There are various monsters the players need to defeat. The experience that the player gets out of this apk is very immersing and wonderful. You can even get to collect various resources from this game application. 

You can now enjoy various new adventures with this Minecraft earth app. This version of the apk has so much to offer for all its players. The real-life experience that the players get with real-life size creations can be phenomenal.  

Features Of The Minecraft Apk 

The Minecraft earth has some wonderfully exciting and extensive features that allow various players to choose this app.  Apart from the feature of the version of the augmented reality of this app, you can find many other features that make this apk quite attractive. 

  • The Minecraft Earth lets you discover a completely new dimension of the real natural surrounding. 
  • It lets you create life-sized masterpieces where you can show off your creativity at another level. You can even get to look at the creations of others and learn from them. 
  • The Minecraft Earth allows you to invite friends, which, in turn, can create a QR code. Other friends can join this game by joining that friend through the QR code. 
  • The Minecraft Earth can be available on Android 8, Windows PC, and iOS 10+ devices. 
  • The Tabletop build mode in this adventure series lets you build some wonderful creations and even place these virtual creations in the real world. You can make these virtual creations of any size you want to. 
  • You can get a bunch of mobs that you possibly love. You can easily collect these mobs in order to make them populate all those you have built. 
  • This app will let you collaborate with other multiple builders with whom you can be able to build various masterpieces. 
  • The neighborhood can get new, innovative, and unique the more you explore it through this apk. It can evolve with the creation of a complete digital city. 
  • The controls of this app are quite intuitive as well as simple. 
  • The Minecraft players are able to make various weapons and objects that can be quite useful throughout your experience. 
  • The sound quality, as well as the visual quality, is very impressive. The graphics are quite intuitive and innovative, with amazing sound effects based on the theme. 
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Brief Info Of Minecraft Earth Apk

  • App name: Minecraft Earth Apk
  • Recent Version: 0.10.0
  • Android Requirement: 7.0 and above
  • Size of the File: 78 MB
  • Category: Play, Adventure
  • Releasing Date: 16.01.2020

Official Website:

Testing On Your Mobile: Security

This Adventure series game can let you extend, expand and explore a whole new world. You get to experience an entirely new community that can give you the experiences and inspirations like never before. You can very easily search for this absolutely new adventure game by clicking the link

Such is the innovative power of the augmented reality that this adventure game of mini-adventure series. This series is basically where you need to make it through the survival part, which you actually need to explore. The most interesting thing about this game is that nothing actually gets lost after the adventure ends.  So, you can break and damage anything you want to during the entire Play mode action. 

How can You download and Install the Minecraft Earth Apk?

It is an extremely easy process that you need to go through in order to download as well as install the Minecraft earth app. You would be able to install this app on your Mac, Windows PC, as well as, in your Android 8+ devices. 

  1. On your Android devices, you just need to tap on the install button from the Google Play app. 
  1. In order to get access to the Minecraft Earth on your Mac devices, you would just need to go to the App Store, find the app and get started with your installation process. 
  1. You will need to have the Microsoft account or even the Xbox live account if you want to play this adventure series on your Windows PC. 
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Frequently Asked Questions On Minecraft Earth

How much cost is the Minecraft earth?

The Minecraft earth does not cost anything. You can enjoy this game by installing it for free. 

In which platforms can you access Minecraft Earth?

It is extremely easy to get access to this app. All you need to do is download or install this app on your Android devices, iOS devices, and Windows PC.

Will I get to invite new friends or members in this app?

Yes. You can get to invite friends who have access to this app on their devices. All you need to do is send the QR code that you can get from this app. Your friends will be able to join the game and play together with you by receiving the QR code. 

Where can one find the Minecraft Earth community?

You can very much enjoy making yourself a part of this huge community of the Minecraft Earth. For that, the only thing that you need to do is visit the official website of this application. 

Is Minecraft Earth Apk safe to play?

Yes. This adventure series can ensure you of every safety that you require. You can simply adjust the privacy as well as the safety settings of this app. You can report back any concerns that you might have regarding Minecraft earth. 

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