Microsoft Edge vs Internet Explorer | The Detailed Comparison

Microsoft Edge vs Internet Explorer
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With the introduction of Windows 10, the software giant Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Edge as the new default web browser. So it means that Microsoft Edge has replaced the Internet Explorer. But Internet Explorer hasn’t gone forever, it is still available in the Windows 10 OS but not as the default browser. The Internet Explorer remains available because of the “legacy compatibility” duties. Microsoft has inspired the users to use Microsoft Edge for its faster performance and improved features. But the question is; it is really worth to start using the Microsoft Edge and what’s the difference between the Edge and Explorer. Read the article to know the details.

The Design

In Internet Explorer, most of the things, tabs, and features are not organized so it is not user friendly. It has a separate row for the title and minimizes, maximizes and close buttons. And the tabs are on the second bar makes it a bit fluffy. Microsoft Edge on the other hand has simple design both in terms of the way it looks and how easy it is to use. Microsoft Edge has a unique design that combines the two rows into one and saves lots of space for more room in the second row for a longer URL bar and clean-looking buttons. Moreover in Microsoft Edge, a fully loaded web page occupies a larger part of the screen with boxes and buttons kept to a minimum size.

The Security

Security is a big concern for internet users and in any platform, if any problem occurs and left unsolved then it can wreak havoc on a person’s computer. From the very beginning Internet Explorer has serious security issues and still, now they are working on it. But Microsoft Edge has a better security system as the password-management system of Microsoft Edge is fully integrated with Windows 10’s Passport security system.The standards-based extension system of Edge also improves the security and limits the use of resources for the extensions. The best part of Microsoft Edge is; it is a Universal app. So it runs within a sandbox framework, which effectively insulates it from sensitive system resources. So if any hacker attacks the Microsoft Edge then the attacker will have less access to the system’s resources than the user.

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The Compatibility

Microsoft has removed a lot of features from the Internet Explorer but they have retained the Legacy code to ensure backward-compatibility for few apps. This is because Microsoft is moving forward for a more streamlined, standards-based approach.The old features that were removed from the Internet Explorer are ActiveX, Silverlight, VBScript, Vector Markup Language, and Browser Helper Objects.

Microsoft has placed more emphasis on standards, better interchangeability for the Microsoft Edge browser. So maybe hundreds of APIs and features have been removed from the Explorer but other standards-based features have been introduced in Microsoft Edge like the built-in support for Adobe Flash.

The Features

According to Microsoft, they have introduced a total of 49 new features in the Microsoft Edge browser which is incredible. Let’s check some of the key features:

  • Reading View: The new feature, reading view provides a distraction-free layout and it helps usersconcentrate on the text. Though this feature is currently available in Firefox and Safari but it’s a new experience for the Edge users. You can read the full article along with the bookmarks, browsing history, and downloads. The best part is; your Reading List is also synced across any other devices you have running Windows 10 and Edge.
  • Web Notes:This new feature allows users of hybrids and tablets with stylus support which is very convenient.With this feature, you can highlight and annotate web pages with freehand scribbles as well as save and share them with your friends. Moreover, if you don’t have access to a stylus you can still add notes using a touchpad, touchscreen, or a keyboard.
  • Cortana Integration: Microsoft Edge has brought itsdigital assistant Cortana to the desktop.So using this feature you can easily pull up pictures, explanations, and search results the way you like. Just click the Right button and select “Ask Cortana” to use this newly added feature.
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Final Thoughts

The above information clearly indicates the supremacy of Microsoft Edge over Internet Explorer. However, the only problem with the edge is; it doesn’t support any kind of plugin or extension framework of Internet Explorer. So it might be a bit problem while shifting from the Explorer to the Edge. Share your opinion about Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. Will you use the new browser or stick to the old browser?  

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