Megabox APK Download for Android, Windows PC & Mac (Latest Version)

If you are looking for a place where you can watch all your favorite movies, drama, shows and TV series all for free then Megabox is your right destination. With a huge collection of hundreds of movies carefully curated and updated over the years, it has grown its customer base exponentially. With an easy to understand and quite a simple layout, you can easily use it without any difficulty. It even allows its users to download the content for offline viewing if they wish. Now, what more could one ask for when you can get all this and much more without spending even a single dime! Yes, it is true, Megabox is completely free for all its users across the globe without any exceptions.

With this introduction, let us take a look at its amazing features –

Features of MegaBox App

Huge collection

Megabox has a huge collection of hundreds of movies, dramas, TV series and shows. This collection is regularly updated and kept up to date. Not just this but the collection is even arranged in a very systematic order so that the users can easily find their desired content using various filters such as years, genre, tag, country, etc.  So not only can you find your favorite in a matter of seconds but can also request a show or content if it is yet unavailable on the application’s server.

Free streaming

Unlike its competitors, Megabox does not cost even a penny. Its services are completely free for use and open for everyone across the globe. All you need to have for accessing its services and content is a good internet connection to either stream or store the content.

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Downloadable content

AS mentioned above, the content available on megabox apk can be download and saved offline for later viewing. This way you would not need to have internet access to enjoy your favorite shows. They will be at your disposal at all times and can be shared and viewed at any place as well. 

High video quality

Even though the service is free that does not mean that Megabox will compromise on the quality of its video streaming. All its videos are available in at least 1080p, 720p or 360p video resolutions. Video resolutions basically are relevant to the video quality such as clarity, sharpness, depth, etc. The higher the resolution the real it looks.

Easy access

Megabox has such an easy layout that even a layman can completely understand how the app works in a few minutes. With its self-explanatory guides and drop-down menu, the application makes the usage and tutorial very easy to understand. The basic idea is to provide a simple and well-constructed way to successfully find the results a user wants in a few seconds.

Content description

If you are unsure about trying a new movie and want to know how much it rated by the top critiques and what it is basically about then the description section of each content on Megabox would be useful for you. In the description box, you will find a short synopsis of the content such as movie, series’ episodes. Etc. It’s critical ratings of popular websites such as IMDB and rotten tomatoes.

Bookmarking and Wishlist

Often you come across a movie or a TV show that you might want to watch later on rather than at the moment. At those moments, the bookmarking feature also known as Wishlist is very useful. You just have to select the particular content’s tile and tick it to your Wishlist. There you go! You have the content saved in your bookmark and can come back to it whenever you wish.

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Compatible with VLC and MX player

The player integrated into MegaBox does not allow for subtitles but it is well compatible with popular video players such as VLC media player and MX player which can perform this function. Thus, you don’t have to worry about not understanding the fast-paced content as you can easily take care of that with accurate and correct subtitles.

How to download and install Megabox?

To download the mega box apk file of Megabox, go to the link above.

On this page, you will find a ‘download’ button. Click the button and your Megabox apk file will automatically start downloading. Wait for it to get completely downloaded then move to the installation process.

For Amazon Firestick and Fire TV:

To install Megabox on Amazon firestick and Fire TV, you would first need to enable ‘allow apps from unknown sources’ as this is a third-party application. For that, follow: 

Main Menu > Settings > My Fire TV>Developer options> Apps from unknown sources> Choose turn on.

Now follow the below steps from installation of the downloaded megabox apk file:

Home Screen> Search Downloader> select Downloader> Click Download> click open> click allow >OK. Now, copy this address and download the displayed file from Install the downloaded app and click done. Once you are done your screen would return to the downloader. Click delete twice. Now get back to the home screen and under apps and channels, click ‘see all’. Find and hover over Megabox. Click the options button and click move to the front. With this, you have successfully completed the installation.

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Is Megabox a legal application?

Yes, all the content available on Megabox are for public domain and hence can be viewed by anyone. This ensure that the application works completely legally for all entertainment purposes.

What devices are supported by Megabox?

Users can use Megabox on various devices that run on Android. It is also quite popularly used in Amazon firestick and other related devices.

Megabox is a really good application if you are looking for a quick solution to all your entertainment worries. You can find all your favorite movies and shows on this one place for free. No longer you have to worry about paying expensive subscription fees. Simple stream in HD quality or download the content for offline viewing as per your wish. Not only is this a safe method to enjoy movies but also 100% legal.

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