Just Cause 2 Cheat Codes and Tricks- The Detailed Guide

Just Cause 2 Cheat Codes
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Just Cause 2 is the sequel of the famous and very popular action-adventure game Just Cause. It is also an action-adventure game developed by Avalanche Studios and it was first released on March 23, 2010, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. There are lots of cheat codes and tricks available for this game so you can easily play this game and enjoy every moment of it. The best part is; the cheat codes apply for all versions whether you are playing on the Xbox 360, PS3, or Windows computer.

Points of Interest Coordinates of Just Cause 2

  • Boats, rocket launcher, ammunition: X20624, Y31074
  • C4, grenades, and SMG ammunition: X5665, Y25862
  • Collectibles, two rare vehicles, gas pumps: X8033, Y28372
  • Grenade launcher: X6065, Y26016
  • Happy Bubble Blaster Gun: X4249, Y25990
  • Island with RPG, ammunition, and speedboats: X20475, Y31170
  • SAMs, fuel supplies, windmills: X8268, Y26679
  • Sniper rifle: X6523, Y27629; X6625, Y25672
  • Upgrade at mansion porch: X20172, Y27689
  • Upgrades near runway and lighthouse: X17313, Y25610
  • Upgrades at the top of the four smaller towers and the main larger tower: X2297, Y2212

Aircraft Locations of Just Cause 2

  • Aeroliner 474: X9896, Y12749; X9224, Y28448
  • Bering I-86DP: X4028, Y21223; X22491, Y23396
  • Cassius 192: X25757, Y19955; X29624, Y11453
  • G9 Eclipse: X22163, Y23265; X11699, Y5106; X4176, Y21266
  • Peek Airhawk 225: X9499, Y5717; X6569, Y25971
  • Pell Silverbolt 6: X17141, Y12369; X9499, Y5717; X23261, Y5982
  • Si-47 Leopard: X9224, Y28448; X28906, Y5575
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Black Market Vehicles Locations of Just Cause 2

  • Makoto MZ 250: X20401, Y24964
  • Pell Silverbolt 6: X9454, Y5760
  • MTA Power run 77: X20656, Y31047
  • Garret Traver-Z: X6415, Y24454
  • Rowlinson K22: X15884, Y4285

ATVs and Motorcycles Locations of Just Cause 2

  • Makoto MZ 260X: X8252, Y28309
  • Mosca 125 Performance: X14751, Y25692
  • Shimuzu ATV55T: X17713, Y26000
  • Shimuzu Tracline: X6940, Y26060

Boat Locations of Just Cause 2

  • Frisco Catshark S-38: X17398, Y4140
  • Kuang Adventure: X25450, Y6190
  • Kuang Homestead: X25450, Y6190
  • Kuang Sunset: X25450, Y6190
  • MTA Power run 77: X20656, Y31047
  • Orque Grandois 21TT: X24478, Y30435
  • Orque Living 42T: X24625, Y26569; X24753, Y27199
  • Pattani Gluay Pro 2: X8228, Y23031
  • Pattani Gluay Touring: X8241, Y23037
  • SnakeHead T20: X17165, Y14340
  • Trat Tang-mo: X19052, Y26063
  • Winstons Amen 69: X16933, Y17430; X30108, Y26848
  • YP-107 Phoenix: X16933, Y17430
  • Zhejiang 6903: X16933, Y17430; X16847, Y17485

Cars and Trucks Locations of Just Cause 2

  • APC tank: X6739, Y27558
  • Armored van: X6774, Y25519
  • Boyd Fireflame 544: X4345, Y15528
  • Chevalier Piazza IX: X3503, Y12413
  • Chevalier Traveller SC: X8258, Y28309
  • Columbi Excelcior: X24378, Y14789
  • Dongtai A-B Century: X19106, Y25870
  • Dongtai A-B Decalux: X6731, Y27274
  • Dongtai Agriboss 35: X19106, Y25870
  • Dongtai Agriboss 9000: X19106, Y25870
  • Dune Buggy: X7105, Y26022
  • Garret Traver-Z: X6436, Y24313
  • Hamaya Oldman: X9353, Y10135
  • Kenwall Heavy Rescue: X17429, Y14762
  • Niseco Tusker G216: X11976, Y4312
  • Pocumtuck Nomad: X26483, Y28770
  • Saas PP30 Ox: X6566, Y25704; X22217, Y23296
  • Shimuzu ATV55T: X17713, Y26000
  • Stinger Dunebug 84: X7209, Y25965
  • Titus ZJ: X7606, Y24346
  • Titus ZJ Cabriolet: X9170, Y11413
  • Titus ZJ Soft Top: X9170, Y11413

Helicopters Locations of Just Cause 2

  • AH-33 Topachula: X5789, Y24985
  • H-62 Quapaw: X5360, Y25637
  • H-62 Quapaw and Titus ZJ car: X6774, Y25519
  • Mullen Skeeter Eagle: X9454, Y5760
  • Mullen Skeeter Hawk: X3557, Y15293
  • Rowlinson K22: X8255, Y28300; X5900, Y13663; X15884, Y4287
  • Sivirkin 15 Havoc: X30222, Y27584
  • UH-10 Chippewa: X16941, Y9137
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Military Vehicles Locations of Just Cause 2

  • Dalton N90: X1408, Y13556; X19081, Y25933; X12065, Y11335
  • Fengding EC14FD2: X17598, Y12914
  • Fengding EC2 Lift: X7477, Y23844
  • GV-104 Razorback: X9203, Y28114
  • Maddox FVA 45: X13241, Y29192; X25517, Y17884; X9447, Y6618
  • Marten Storm III: X16894, Y9422; X13107, Y25246
  • MV Command: X17598, Y12914; X23189, Y17233
  • MV Quartermaster: X27609, Y8855; X14203, Y27809; X22306, Y23336
  • MV V880: X9203, Y28114
  • Razorback Tank: X7364, Y19214
  • SV-1003 Raider: X9203, Y28114
  • SV-1007 Stonewall: X22389, Y23361
  • URGA-9380: X22287, Y23474

Tips and Tricks about the Just Cause 2

  • Every race in this game rewards $20,000 regardless of the difficulties so you can repeat a game over and over to earn easy money
  • Navigate to the location X3632, Y31521 on the map and you can collect an easy $20,000 by completing the base jump event
  • Once you completed the Roaches Stronghold mission navigate to the location X3402, Y15504 on the map and complete another easy base jump event for $20,000
  • Go to the X20443, Y31188 location on the map and obtain the rocket launcher from the temple and then destroy all the boxes in the building to collect unlimited ammo
  • Travel to X17342, Y4196 location on the map and check out the lower deck by the water for an unlimited supply of C4 and grenades

Final Thought

The pleasure will be mine if you found the above information helpful. Let us know if you have found what you were looking for. If not then leave your query in the comment section. I will get to you.

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