How to Install the Best Bluetooth Adapter for PC?

bluetooth adapter for pc
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Not having a Bluetooth or having a dysfunctional Bluetooth can be a big disappointment. The technology is becoming more and more wireless to make life easier. There are headphones, mouse, gaming consoles, and even keyboards that only require Bluetooth connectivity to run. If a user has a comparatively old PC, the feature of Bluetooth might not be present. To solve this conundrum, they can simply buy the best Bluetooth adapter for pc.

How to run a Bluetooth adapter?

Most of the Bluetooth adapters are compatible with almost every device. With some devices, the best Bluetooth adapter for pc starts to function as soon as it is plugged. Sometimes, there is either no pre-installed Bluetooth in the PC and also, it might not function with other devices and, therefore, to install it, the users can:

  • Visit the manufacturer’s official website to download and install the adapter’s driver or;
  • The adapter will be accompanied by a CD that can be used to install the adapter’s driver.

On running the driver, the adapter will easily integrate with the PC and start to run smoothly. There are also other considerations. A Bluetooth adapter should be inserted into USB 3.0 port, which usually has blue inserts and has ‘SS’ written next to them. Inserting them into USB 2.0 port, which has black inserts, will reduce their functionality.

What are the features of the adapter?

Not all Bluetooth adapters are the same and carry many distinctions. They perform more than just one role and they should be bought after comparing all of their features. There are some feature ideas below about what to look for –

  • The adapter can connect to multiple devices. This is helpful if the user likes to use headphones, consoles, and other items while operating the PC. Most of the better adapters can connect up to 7 devices at once.
  • The adapters provide excellent connectivity and a reasonably good range. With less latency, audio is transmitted quickly and even on being a bit far away from the PC, the connectivity is not disturbed. Hence, you do not have to be close to the adapter all the time to be able to fully utilize the features.
  • The latest adapters are small and energy-efficient. They do not drain the battery of laptops quickly and also leave enough space to fit other USBs in neighboring slots. Energy efficiency is important because if the adapter takes up a lot of energy even during minimal usage, it would not be fit for long journeys.
  • They offer Bluetooth v4.0 or higher. These provide higher speed, comparatively and are excellent for gamers. The version is written on the box or the packet. Even higher versions will cost a bit expensive but provide excellent features.
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Therefore, the Bluetooth adapter for pc provides several advantages and reduces the problems caused by too many wires. With most of the devices, they can simply be plugged and use which proves to be convenient. Gamers, especially, need these to be able to perform well and the Bluetooth adapters do not disappoint.

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