Hulu APK Download For Android, Windows PC & Mac (Latest Version)

On-demand video service proved Hulu is now back with its revamped app. Hulu is now offering Live TV along with its original and on-demand video services. The users are already using Hulu, they have to uninstall the existing hulu apk and download the new and updated version. They are not providing any upgrade to their existing app. They wanted to launch a fresh product with a fresh offering, though the existing customers can log in to the new app with their old account. The new app has a clean and minimalistic user interface. There is already a lot of buzz for the product in the market. There was a vacuum in the streaming industry for a service provider, who can offer exciting original content and Live TV under a single umbrella. The new Hulu app tries to fill that gap, looking at the initial reviews the app looks very promising. 

 What’s new in the revamped Hulu app?

Hulu has not changed the user interface but also added a whole lot of new features in its new product. The Disney owned company is very much ready to disrupt the live streaming market with its new offering. They are planning to scale the service to overseas as well. As of now, the services are available in the United States only, but the users who have a subscription and traveling overseas can access the content. The features they added are in alignment with their competition. The company clearly didn’t want its users to not have the features at their disposal their peers were having. They have tried to offer popular features with a better and more smooth user interface. The users can certainly feel the change once they install the all-new Hulu apk. 

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The features 

With the new Hulu app, users can create multiple profiles. They can create a list of their favorite shows and movies. The new interface runs on AI-based model, it will throw up recommendations based on your history. They have also embedded a new media player, which is way better than the last player they were using. This player allows users to set customized pixels for their videos. They have also added a theme section to give users something fresh every day, there’s a dark, blue and light theme for the smartphone users. They claim, they will keep adding themes that user-interface doesn’t become hackneyed for the users. All existing users can avail of the new features by downloading all new Hulu apk. 

Specifications of Hulu App

Hulu is available on wide range streaming devices. You can stream Hulu on almost all the popular streaming devices. The variety of quality levels is definitely a differentiator for Hulu. None of its competitors offers this much range in terms of quality customization. The company recommends a minimum 8 MBPS connection to enjoy all its offerings including Live TV. At the same time, if you are looking to stream Hulu on multiple devices, you will need relatively more bandwidth. Hulu has also started to add 4K content, as of now limited 4K content, but the company believes 4K is the future. And they will be adding more and more 4K content in times to come. The basic speed requirements for Hulu apk and other Hulu apps are as follows: 

  • SD : > 1 MPBS
  • 720p : 3-4 MBPS
  • 1080: 6 MBPS
  • Hulu Live TV: 8 MBPS
  • 4k : > 16 MBPS 
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Live TV 

Live TV is the differentiator here for Hulu. The offering comes with the name of Hulu+Live TV. Live TV is the reason Hulu has revamped its Hulu apk and other apps. The company offers Live TV on a subscription model. As of now, the app offers more than 60 channels on its Live Tv platform. This includes local news channels, sports and music. The new users can avail free 15 days trial by registering with Hulu. All they have to do is to set up a payment method, they can cancel anytime within those 15 days. If they cancel the plan prior to the payment date, they will not be charged anything. 

Kids Mode

The new Hulu apk will also have kids mode, which was not there with its previous offering. The parents can add curated content in the kids’ section. Also, they can lock all the search and browse section. So, the kids can only watch the selected content they have added in the kids’ section. When the kids’ mode is on, the kids can not generate any on-demand request. On-demand request for the kids’ section can only be generated from the normal mode only. 

Download and Installation of Hulu on Android & Windows & Other Devices

The new app will be available on all the platforms. Android smartphone users can directly download Hulu apk from Hulu’s official website or they can search for the same on google play store.  The app is also available on third-party service providers and adds on devices like Roku, Apple Tv, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Android TV, Xbox 360, and Nintendo. The hull app also supports Playstion 3 and PS4, but the Live TV services will not be available on PS devices. As Sony is also offering Live TV services, so the Hulu has a conflict of interest with them. As of now, Sony is not allowing Hulu Live Tv to run on its PlayStation devices. But as and when they come to common consensus, the Live TV services will also be available on PlayStation.  

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

Do I need to install my existing app to avail new features? 


Can I log in with my old Hulu account? 


Will I have to pay additionally to avail Live TV services?

Yes. Hulu and Hulu + Live TV are different offerings. 

Can I Play Hulu Live TV with my PS4?

No. As of now, only Hulu is available on PS4. 

Can I play Hulu Live Tv with Amazon fire stick?


Can I Curate Channels for my Live TV subscription?


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