How to Turn Off Safe Mode on iPhone – Step by Step Guide

The safe mode is a very important feature of the iPhone and it allows users to access iOS in case they have any troubleshooting issues with their Apple iPhone or iPad. Safe mode allows the iPhone to boot and under safe mode, only the software and necessary programs for the iOS will run. So if you are an iPhone user then it is very important for you to know the enabling and disabling process of Safe Mode. In this article, our experts have elaborated on how an iPhone user can enable and disable the Safe Mode. So read the article to know the details!

What is Safe Mode on the iPhone?

iPhone Safe Mode is a way of running iOS on a jailbroken iPhone.Generally, an iPhone enters the safe mode when any of the extensions is misbehaving within the OS. Just like the safe mode on the computer operating system; iPhone safe mode protects the iOS from malfunctioning and avoids damaging the device. Moreover, this mode lets you uninstall any troublesome or faulty extension which might cause the crash on iPhone.In safe mode; apart from the required extensions; all the other substrates are disabled so you can easily detect the problem on your iPhone. There are many reasons an iPhone can enter into the safe mode. Some of the key reasons are:

  • A newly installed extension or theme misbehaving with iOS
  • A particular app activating safe mode when opened
  • You pressed the volume down button and power button when iPhone was booting
  • After the jailbreak of the iPhone
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How to Turn On the Safe Mode on iPhone

An iPhone can enter into the safe mode for various reasons but you can also manually turn on the safe mode of your iPhone. The process is very simple and it will allow you to enter Safe Mode on your Apple iPhone when you are having troubleshooting issues with individual apps. Now follow the instructions carefully:

  • First, turn off your iPhone
  • Once the device is completely turn off, turn it on by pressing the power button
  • When theiPhone lights up, press the Volume down button until the Apple logo appears
  • Now the iPhonewill boot and it will be in safe mode
  • You can remove any app or theme that’s causing the problem

How to Turn Off the Safe Mode on iPhone

If your iPhone gets stuck in safe mode then you have to turn off the safe mode. There are many ways you can turn off the safe mode. Let’s take a look at them.

Choose “Restart” from Safe Mode Notification

This is the simplest way of turning off the safe mode. It doesn’t have any complex navigation to apply it. When you enter the safe mode a notification window pops up on your iPhone screen. There is a Restart option available on the notification. Click the “Restart” from the Safe Mode notification and your iPhone will restart. If the problematic tweak has been solved, your iPhone will be in normal mode.

Hard Restart the iPhone

Sometimes restarting from the Safe Mode notification might not turn off the safe mode. So you have to perform a hard restart on your iPhone. Hold down the Power and Home button together until the iPhone turns off completely and restarts.The “Slide to Unlock” will appear on your phone; ignore it and wait for the phone to completely restart. This way you can easily turn off safe mode on the iPhone.

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Remove Problematic Packages and Extensions

After trying the above two methods if your phone is still on safe mode then you’ll need to delete problematic packages and extensions from your iPhone. Most of the time, the incompatible packages create problems for the iOS system.In order to remove the packages and extensions, you have to open CydiaSubstrate and remove the problematic packages or extensions. Then reboot your iPhone again and if it boots correctly, then it would be in the normal mode.

Reset the iPhone

This is the last method to turn off the safe mode on iPhone and boot the iPhone in normal mode. But before restarting make sure you keep a backup of your device data. You can easily reset your iPhone from in-build options. To do so, first, go to the settings of your iPhone and click on the General. Now browse down and select Reset. Then click on the “Erase All Contents and Settings.” Now enter the password and select continue. It will take a few times to reset the iPhone.

Final Thoughts

I hope the above information helps you know how to turn off safe mode on the iPhone. If the above methods don’t resolve the problem then it is time you take expert opinion or consult with a technician. Feel free to share your opinion about this article. We appreciate every critic.

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