How to Record Guitar on PC | Step by Step Guide

How to Record Guitar on PC
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Recording guitar on PC is not a difficult task as you can easily set up a basic guitar recording arrangement in your house. You can use the setup to record guitar on your computer, write your own songs, enjoy jamming, as well as analyze your playing and do practices. There are many ways you can record guitar at home so in this article I have covered a few basics that will help you record guitar on your computer in a convenient way. The equipment I have used is not expensive and the process is also not time-consuming. So read this article thoroughly to record your own riffs in no time!

What Equipment Requires to Record Guitar on Computer

The first condition of recording high-quality guitar is appropriate equipment. Here is a list of some equipment that you will require to create a basic guitar recording setup to record guitar:

  • A computer
  • A DAW to record in
  • An audio interface
  • Cables and stands
  • A pair of headphones
  • A guitar
  • A guitar amplifier
  • Microphones
  • An amp simulator

How to Record Guitar on PC

I have divided the guitar recording process intoa few steps so it won’t be a hassle for you. Just make sure you follow every step accordingly. Let’s take a look at the steps now!

Step 1 – Set Up DAW

Digital Audio Workstation or DAW is the first requirement to record guitar on the computer. DAW is software that lets you record, edit, and mix audio. There are lots of DAWs available in the market and all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are doing some basic guitar recording then Pro Tools and Logic Pro will be perfect for you. But if you are doing a lot of recording then you have to think of premium DAWs.

  • Reaper: Reaper is an excellent DAW for PC, Mac, and Linux at a very reasonable price
  • GarageBand: If you are an Apple user then you should stick with GarageBand as it is free, easy to use
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Step 2 – Setup Audio Interface

You will require an audio interface to record guitar on PC as audio interfaces let you plug studio microphones into your computer.An audio interfaceis very simple to setup but sometimes the I/O can be a tricky part for beginners because by default the computer doesn’t know if the microphone is plugged in or not. So you have to tell the computer where to look with the help of I/O. You will find the I/O settings inside the DAWand you have to tell the computer where your input device is and what your output device is. So you have to make sure your DAW is selected as both your input and your output.

Step 3 – Choose a Recording Method

There are two ways you can record an electric guitar. You can use microphones to record an amplifier or you can plug directly into the interface to record guitar.

Recording the guitar with a microphone is very simple. First, you have put your mic on a stand.Then you have to plug in your microphone. You can use XLR cable and plug one end into the back of the mic and the other end into the audio interface. That’s it; you have plugged in the mic.

If you don’t have an amp then there is nothing to worry as there’s another way to record electric guitar. You can directly plug your guitarinto your interface using a ¼” cable. But the problem with this process is; the isolated sound of an electric guitar isn’t very inspiring and it’ll sound pretty bad. You can use amp sims to solve the problem.

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If you want to record Acoustic guitar then use a condenser microphone. Acoustic guitars tend to be a lot brighter than the electric guitar and they create a high frequency. Therefore, condenser mics are really good at recording those shimmery high frequencies.

Step 4 – Create an Audio Channel in the DAW

First, check the input for the channel and also check if I/O settings are right. If you have plugged your guitar into the first input on the interface but you have set the channel to “Input 2” then it won’t pick up anything from your guitar.So you have to make the right adjustment while creating an audio channel in the DAW. If you are not sure how to change the channel input on your DAW then simply Google the name of your DAW and you will find the solution. Finally, set the volume by deciding how loud you want to record the guitar. That’s it! You are completely ready to record the guitar on your computer.

Final Thought

I hope the above step by step guide helps you know exactly where to put your energy and time while recording the guitar on your computer. Moreover, you will no longer feel confused and overwhelmed while recording the guitar if you follow the steps. Feel free to contact us if you face any problem or want to know anything about this topic. Our experts will provide solutions.

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