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If you are a hardcore PC gamer then you can’t deny the fact that the proper gaming experience largely depends on the optimized computer. The more you optimize your PC the better you will play high configuration games without any prior lags. In this article, we discussed several steps to optimize the PC for the best gaming performance. Follow these tips to make sure your computer is running to its full potential.

Optimize the Hardware of your Computer

The first thing you need to do is upgrade the hardware of your computer and optimize them to their maximum capacity. This part is very important because every optimization has a limit and once you reach out to the maximum limit you have to upgrade the hardware. But the problem is, this part of the optimization depends on the financial capabilities and not suitable for everyone. But it is also true that expensive components do not guarantee maximum performance unless they have a balance. Moreover, one or two specific components require improvement.Here is a list that you can follow:

  • GPU (Minimum values): Clock frequency: 1300+ MHz
  • CPU (Minimum values): Operating frequency: 3.0+ GHz
  • RAM (Minimum values): Size: 16 GB
  • ROM (Minimum values): SSD. Read speed: 500+MB/s
  • Motherboard (Minimum values): Intel, AMD
  • Power Supply Unit (Minimum values): 600+ W

Updated Drivers and Libraries

The Driver works as a bridge between the hardware and the OS. So it is very important to update the drivers all the time. This way you can get better gamin experience. You also have to keep track of the library versions. Here is a list of some of the important libraries:

  • DirectX  – It controls multimedia, video, audio, graphics on computers running Windows
  • Microsoft Visual C++ – It avoids frequent errors when starting programs and games
  • Microsoft Net Framework– It is a set of components and libraries for the Windows system, necessary for most of the programs
  • Nvidia PhysX – provides realistic physics in the latest high configuration games. Without this library, gaming environment would be lifeless, for example, the grass would not move, the glass would not shatter, etc.
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Modify the Autostart Settings of the Computer

The Autostart feature allows programs to run automatically when the computer opens. These programs use system resources so it can reduce your gaming performance. Moreover, most of these programs have nothing to do with the gaming performance so you can change the Autostart settings and prevent them from starting automatically. Follow these steps:

  • First press the “Windows + R” button together to open the Run dialog box
  • Now type MSConfig and hit the enter button
  • The Services tab will open and you will see all the apps that are running
  • Check the “Hide All Microsoft Services” in order to avoid stability problems
  • Now select the apps that you want to disable and click the Disable button

Update the Operating System

OS update is important but if you are using the Windows 10 operating system then the Automatic Update can be annoying sometimes because it often reboots the computer on its own without any prior notice. So you can stop this feature to avoid lags while playing the game. Follow these steps:

  • First, navigate to Update and security of your computer
  • Then click on the Windows Update and from the available options select Advanced options
  • Now select the Update Options
  • From the next window disable “Automatically Download Updates”
  • Now go back to Update options
  • Then from the “Change Active Hours” function set the update time

Review the Graphics Card

Graphics card plays a very important role in what types of games you can play and the graphical settings you can enjoy while playing the games. If you are playing on integrated graphics then you must upgrade to a dedicated graphics card. This way you can boost your computer’s gaming performance. Moreover, optimizing the graphics card can allow you to play high configuration games without any lags which you are not allowed for an integrated graphics card.

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Consider Overclocking the Processor

Overclocking the processor is a very simple and safe way to maximize the potential performance of your computer. This way you can boost the performance of your computer and play high configuration games without any prior lags. With overclocking you can boost the performance of your computer a generation upward, isn’t that amazing. Though the overclock number may not be a huge one but it doesn’t cost you any money so why not try it.

Final Thoughts

I hope these tips on optimizing the PC for gaming help you play all your favorite games without any lags. Have you found the above information helpful? Share your opinion in the comment section. We appreciate every critic.

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