How to Download Audible Books to PC | Step by Step Guide

How to Download Audible Books to PC
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Audible means “able to be heard.” So Audible Books let the user listen to books instead of reading them. Audible Books ensure an easy and convenient way of reading books and it increases more reading time for readers. The Amazon Audible Company makes and sells audible books and they are available in different genres like education, romance, thriller, suspense, podcasts, and many more. Audible books are best for people who have less time to read books as they can utilize this modern technology to read books.

If you are an audible book lover and planning on going outside the range of your regular internet connection then you should download your favorite audible books on your computer so that you won’t have to worry about getting stuck on a cliffhanger. Read this article, in this article I have shown how anyone can easily download audible books to a computer. Let’s check the details.

Benefits of Audible Books

Audible books bring a new dimension to the way we listen, read, and learn. Audible books are immersive, educational, instructional, as well as entertaining at the same time. Here are a few key benefits of audible books:

  • Increasing reading accuracy by 52%
  • Increasing reading speed, expanding vocabulary and improving fluency
  • Improves pronunciation and fluency
  • Improving comprehension by 76%
  • Increasing test scores by 21% when engaged in multi-modal learning
  • Audible books improve time management
  • Listening to audiobooks increase critical listening skills
  • Audible books improve focus and attention span
  • Audiobooks are excellent for people with visual impairments or people with reading disorders such as dyslexia, hyperlexia, etc.
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How to Download Audible Books to Windows Computer

If you are using a Windows computer then you can download Audible books using the official Audible app. It is top-rated because it provides features like spoken audio entertainment, information, and educational programs. Some of the other features of the Audible App are:

  • Chapter navigation allows playback settings from one second to five minutes, and from chapter to chapter
  • Annotate bookmarks, select sleep mode, and button-free mode for continuous performance
  • Variable narration speed allows ready slowly, quickly, or at a normal pace
  • Easily login to Audible using your Amazon credentials
  • Free access to Audible Channels for Amazon prime members
  • A user can use Amazon’s Whispersync for Voice
  • Immersion reading lets a user hear the audiobook and read the highlighted text
  • Provides insider information about author events and more
  • Car mode makes it easy to listen to an audiobook while driving
  • Stats and badges feature to enable a user to earn badges for their listening habits
  • The push notifications feature provides details about the account, news, and announcements, ornew content
  • Share your favorite passages with friends on social media

Now follow the steps to download audible on your Windows computer.

  • First, click on the Windows button of the taskbar to open the Start menu
  • Now from the Start Menu locate the Windows Store app and launch it on your computer
  • Click on the Search icon of the store and when search bar appears type “Audible” on it
  • When the search result appears click on the “Audiobooks from Audible.” This app has an orange icon with an open book on it
  • Now click on the “Get” button and the app will install on your computer
  • Once the installation is completed, launch the app on your computer
  • Now sign in with the email address and password associated with the Amazon account
  • If you don’t have an Amazon account then create a new account and then login to the app
  • Now click the Library icon of the app and you will all the books
  • Select an audible book that you want to download and then click on the three dots to open the options menu
  • Now click on the Download button from the available option. It will take a few times to download the book
  • If you don’t have any books in the Library then you have to purchase books before start downloading them
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How to Download Audible Books toMac Computer

There is no dedicated app available for Mac computers to download audible books. So you have to download audible books from the official website. Now follow these simple steps:

First, open a browser on your computer and then visit this address: It is the address of the official Audible website

Now sign in with the email address and password associated with the Amazon account

Now click on the Library Menu and from the drop-down menu select My Books

If you don’t have any books in the Library then you have to purchase books before you can download them

Now you will see a list of available books with a Download button next to every book

Click on the download button and it will take few times to download the audible book on your Mac computer

Final Thoughts

I hope this article helps you learn how to download audible books to Windows and Mac PC. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions about Audible books in the comment section. Our experts will answer the questions.

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