Hillary Clinton Eclipsing Donald Trump in Multiple Polls

Hillary Clinton
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Is Hillary Clinton Winning for President?

The several polls organized by influential media outlets, institutions show Hillary Clinton is widening her lead over Donald Trump. However, the question resonating is – is Hillary Clinton winning for Presidency? We do not know for sure. That is what will be decided on Election Day, as the nation is bracing for November 8, 2016.

Hillary Clinton
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When is the debate between Hillary and Trump?

A filtered, and reasonable version of Donald Trump may be seen in the first Presidential Debate with Hillary Clinton if he wants to rejuvenate his campaign. The first Presidential Debate is scheduled to be held on Monday, September 26.

Who will win, Trump or Clinton?

While those polls cannot determine the ultimate result, If anything, those poll results are a direct reflection of what people  measured about both of these candidates. The poll results may be useful in rearranging your campaign; assessing what went wrong, or what steps you should take to retain the leads.

Hillary needs to spend more time on detailing her innovative ideas about infrastructure spending, energy independence, and affordable higher education. She seems to be fixated only on “stopping Trump”. Instead of trying to be “the lesser of two evils”, concreting accomplishment of proposed plans to offset the influence of giant corporations and Wall Street can give her campaign a boost. Recent poll results will surely give Hillary the upper hand against Trump.

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How old are Trump, and Clinton?

68-year-old Hillary Clinton is yet to deliver a well-established mandate for what she stands for. She is locked in rivalry against 70-year-old Donald Trump.

Is Trump beating Clinton?

Donald Trump may need to reassess his campaign strategy. As polls display his descent, his paranoia is full-blown — labelling Obama, and Hillary as the founders of ISIS, lambasting the media display his desperate attempts to clutch at a straw. His continuous bigoted rhetoric about minorities, vaguely-structured proposals, and inaccuracies will only deepening his death spiral. As the polls suggest, Trump needs to fortify his campaign strategy to appear stronger against Hillary.

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