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What is google duo for pc all about?

Among the plethora of video calling applications visit all over the app store, there is one that has been particularly standing out- Google Duo. An application that primarily focuses on video calling services is a product of Google’s communication tools. 

One might ask, what makes Google duo for pc stand apart from others in the market? Here are some of the core benefits of this application:

1. It is available on both Android and iOS platform

Unlike other similar video calling applications that are available on a single operating system, Google Duo is available for Android through the google play store as well as on Apple’s app store. It does not require the user to create a separate account. One can just start using the application without any hassles and just their phone number.

2. Continuous Development of the application

Starting in 2018 when the application had the feature of leaving a 30-sec video message for those not available for a video call, the developers sought after to keep improving the application for its user’s convenience. The addition of a screen-sharing feature is an example of the same. 

3. The “Knock-Knock” feature

A unique feature that is not available in any of the video calling applications available in the market, Google Duo’s Knock-Knock feature presents the video stream of the caller so the person on the other end is well aware of who’s calling and giving an option to answer the call or not. 

4. Solving Bandwidth problems

The developers of the application made it a point to stream video calling that is compressed for low-bandwidth phones. This was achieved by open-source and proprietary standards. Hence the app senses bandwidth problems and adjusts accordingly.

How to use google duo for pc on Windows?

Coming with uncomplicated controls and one-to-one communication, google duo is available for use on Windows. One simply just has to open on their windows pc, and then choose whether they are new to a duo or have an existing account. You will just have to get your phone number verified, through an OTP sent to your registered mobile phone number. And that’s it, you can now enjoy high definition video calling on your Windows pc. 

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A Step-by-Step guide on using google duo for pc on Mac

Similar to Apple’s FaceTime, Google duo for PC on Mac offers one-to-one video messaging. Available as a single click downloadable application on the iTunes Store, if you look forward to using google duo for pc on Mac follow the following steps: 

1. Visit Bluestacks website and follow the instructions present on their site got download Bluestacks for Mac OS.

2. As you go on to open DMG file, simply drag the to the Applications folder present on your MAC

3. Accept the terms, open the application and wait till it installs.

4. Following this, you will have to Enable AppStore and Enable App Sync.

5. Search for Google Duo in the play store and install the same.

6. On installation, change the app size, choose your preferred Mac option and launch the application. 

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