Geometry Dash APK – What are the Features and How to Download the Application?

Every platform has its way of entertaining its audience. Most of the games developed these days are usually created for entertaining the players so that they can pass their time efficiently. At the start, you will find that this game known as Geometry Dash has simple and easy levels. But as the levels increase they become tougher for the players out there.

What is the Geometry Dash app?

The geometry dash is a game, which has series based on rhythms which offers various platforms to the players. This game has been released for both iOS as well as Android platforms. You will see that the game is pretty common on 21 different levels. The easy levels will include the following: 

  • Back on track
  • Stereo madness
  • Dry out
  • Poltergeist

While you will see that the hard levels include the following:

  • Base after base
  • Jumper
  • Can’t let go

As the players begin the gameplay, they will be offered different entities at varying levels and these will include UFO, cube or a ball. You can control this game by an easy tapping system that reacts to the players when they press anywhere on the display to either jump or fly.

If the player touches an obstacle, the game will re-start right from the beginning. When the player completes a level, he will get rewarded with Coins of various colors. These have different rates and can be used for the purchase of different things mentioned below. Wondering what that includes? Let us take a look at that. 

  • Character skins
  • Explosion death
  • Trails of the player
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The levels will continue increasing based on the progress made by each player except the demon level which is one of the toughest levels available out there in the game. 

Highlighted Features of Geometry Dash: 

If you aren’t aware of the different features available in this game of geometry dash app then we have made a list here below. Make sure you check them out for a better understanding of the game. 

  • You will get different customization options from the Icon kit.
  • If you want to create or share levels, then a level editor can be used.
  • The achievements in the game will be based on your rewards.
  • Unlocking newer colors and icons can help with the customization of your character.
  • There is a hidden vault in the game.
  • The player can use the practice mode which is used for understanding the tutorials or the layout of the levels.

How to Download and Install a Geometry Dash Apk on an Android device?

Well, downloading the geometry dash apk is simple and convenient. All you have to do is go to the official website and get the download link of the app. Then you can start with the process of downloading it. Then it will take a few minutes until the download has been completed. 

  • After you have downloaded the app from the most desired options given to you, make sure you check the files that have been downloaded on your device and click on the install option. 
  • But before that, you must enable the option for Unknown Sources. For this, you will have to go to settings > security settings> unknown sources. Then you need to click on the box to enable this setting. 
  • After this has been done, you simply have to click on the install option and then you will get a notification on the screen after the installation process has been completed. 
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  What are some new features added to the game?

  • You will find new effects and icons in the newer versions
  • Also, there are new demon chests added in the game
  • There were duplications in the rewards due to some major bugs. That has been fixed and the duplicated rewards have been taken out.
  • In the new version, you will see there are many improvements, tweaks and bug fixes. 
  • Other things that have been added include weekly demon challenges and new community shops. 

You can avail of the latest version of this application for Android. In this game, you need to guide your character throughout making sure it avoids all the obstacles on its way. If you choose to buy the full version of this game then you are going to enjoy all the achievements, soundtracks and levels.

Also, this game offers a custom feature where the players can simply build their custom level. The game levels built in this level mode can be available to other players as well. 

Apart from this, there is yet another feature known as the practice mood for each level. This mode will help in warming up your fingers while you mentally prepare for the level of your choice and preference. 

With so much interesting information about this game, you will surely be excited to try it out. What are you waiting for? Go and start downloading the game and enjoy it to the fullest right away!

Frequently Asked Questions about Geometry Dash

How does the free version differ from the paid one?

If you opt for the free level then you are going to get only some levels that are available in the paid version of this game. But do not dishearten yourself as you are going to get the knowledge as required for future challenges.

How many Geometry Dash games are available out there?

Officially, you will find 5 versions of this game that have been released.

What is the vault in the gameplay?

In the world of Geometry Dash, you will come across a secret feature which is known as the Vault. Wondering where you could find it? Well, in the upper right corner of the menu settings, you will find it situated through a padlock. But if you wish to gain access to it, make sure you have 10 user coins. 

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