Friendship Day Ideas | 50+ Tips To Get Started

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Childhood friends. School friends. Local friends. College friends. Job friends. Best friends. Girlfriends. Boyfriends. Our entire life revolves around building friendships. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small section of bosom friends or a large number of friend circle.

Each of our friendship introduces us to new things in life, inspiring us to look at life through a different lens.

Our closest and dearest friends always occupy a special place in our hearts and we in theirs. We all know a true friend is difficult to find, that is why we spend so much time building friendship. We learn how to be good friends. We show up at our friends’ weddings, after breakups, and at funerals.

However, friendship doesn’t always stay the same. Friendship may sometimes experience rift and push close friends apart. The rift doesn’t stay long. Friends reach out to each other in some very special way and surprise each other with an act of appreciation.

Although the greatest gift a friend can offer to a best friend is their friendship, sometimes surprises speak volumes and explain what we can’t say. So, here’s a list of 100 ideas that you go through to surprise your best friend on Friendship Day or just any other day that you feel you should appreciate him/her.

“Friendship makes a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friend is never anything but sharing.” ~ Elie Wiesel

  • Send your Best Friend a Card – write a compelling, nice card to your friend, telling them how much they mean to you. And, how much you appreciate your friendship. When writing, be explicit in your expression and don’t hesitate to use friendly, mild slang terms too.
  • Present them with a Gift – making your best friend a small present such as chocolate, flowers, cake may touch your friend’s heart. So, buy them anything that they could appreciate.
  • Hug – research shows a proper deep hug when hearts are pressed together releases hormones that not only generate good feelings, but also help your physical health. So, give your friend a warm hug and let them know they own a special place in your heart.
  • Call or SMS – start tapping on to your cell phone and send your best friend an SMS, call them, send emojis, and let them know you care.
  • Design a Webpage – write your friend a webpage to show even the WWW appreciates their friendship. Designing a webpage will get a bit nerdy too.
  • Dedicate a Song – you must know who your best friend’s favorite musician is. Find out a song that they often listen to, or you have memories attached to it, so dedicate the song to him by requesting a radio station to play it.
  • Buy your Best Friend a Ticket – a ticket for theatre entrance, watching a historical drama staged together could be exciting.
  • Create a Scrapbook or Video – you must have taken a lot of pictures with your friends. So, create a scrapbook or PowerPoint slideshow of the pictures. Pictures have the power to take people in time. So, pictures can remind your best friend of the days they had spend with you. And, they may have feel to relieve the moments.
  • Treat your Best Friend to a Dinner – make reservations in a restaurant that none of you have ever been to. Order exotic dishes and pay the bill.
  • Ride Bikes – you and your friends may have ridden bikes together. Ride again and it will both bring back memories and relieve the past.
  • Visit Amusement/Theme Park – you certainly visited a couple of amusement parks with your best friend at some point of your friendship. So, if possible, visit the amusement parks again.
  • Watch a Retro Sitcom – what is it? An episode of Friends, the Simpsons, the Big Bag Theory? Yeah, watch any sitcoms you used to watch, compete with each other on remembering scenarios and dialogue.
  • Cook a Retro Dinner – make dinner for your best dinner that you both loved as kids. Sometimes cooking by yourself instead of going outside to eat can make your best friend appreciate your efforts and understand how deeply you care about them.
  • Watch Old Movies – Mean Girls, Bad Boys, American Pie, Back to the Future trilogy, the Terminator? Yes, these movies can easily help you both spend the evening with joy, laughter and suspense.
  • Finish a Chore – relieve your best friend of one of their regular tasks. Buying them groceries, mowing the lawn can both help and surprise your friend, especially they are going through a rough time.
  • Help your Best Friend Go on a Trip – offer your best friend to go on a trip with you at the weekend. Allow your friend to choose the weekend and destinations that are best for her. Pay at least half of the trip’s cost.
  • Send Snail Mail – it’s totally rare to receive an actual letter these days. Sending a handwritten note to your friend is one of the best ways to surprise your best friend. When we were kids, we loved getting snail mails. Technology made them obsolete. But, it can be a fun way to show your best friend that they’re extra special.
  • Lunch Surprise – show up at your best friend’s work and treat them to lunch on their break. Your best friend will certainly love seeing you surprise them at their work.
  • Buy your Best Friend a Book – who doesn’t like getting gifts? Surprise your best friend and buy them a book, of a writer they usually love reading. Books can accompany a person during distress, so books can be an excellent gift.
  • Buy your Best Friend a Bracelet – bracelets are meant to bind the bond far tighter. So, buy your friend a bracelet. You can even buy matching bracelets. Matching bracelets can show how deep the friendship is.
  • Cook your Best Friend Dinner – we all know some recipes that are unique that not many of us know about. So, surprise your friend by showing up to their house or invite them over for an exotic dish.
  • Leave your Best Friend a Note – showed up at your friend’s house and they weren’t there? You can still leave a note reminding them of how much you miss them and invite your friend over.
  • Bake for your Best Friend – maybe you don’t have that much of a cooking skill, but you can prepare a chocolate chip cookie, raw dessert or pound cake. In any case, prepare a treat and surprise your friend.
  • Send Flowers – plenty of women love flowers. So, if your best friend is female, then you must consider sending her flowers. Sending a woman flowers makes her feel special and wanted. So, make you greet your female friend with flowers. It will indicate that you care about her.
  • Send Fruits – don’t want to send flowers? Send your best friend fruits then. Cut fruits into flower shapes that display arts and creativity. Your best friend will definitely love a tasty treat that they don’t have to pay for. Imagine taking bites of fragrant, splendid flowers.
  • Adorn your Best Friend’s Desk – if you and your best friend are coworkers, then sorting their desk is a great idea. Adorn their desk with balloons, confetti, new pens, writing pad, etc.
  • Treat your Best Friend to Breakfast – sometimes mornings can hasty and crazy, juggling waking up and preparing for office; nothing sorts with our hasty activities. So, why not show up to your friend’s with breakfast?
  • Swoon in on Tab – treat your best friend next time you two go for Smoothies of coffee. Don’t tell your friend the payment is on you. Just surprise them by paying for the treat.
  • Clean Up your Friend’s Room – nobody likes spending their free time cleaning. So, next time you drop in on your friend’s home, volunteer to clean up the room. Clear up the junk, scrub the floors and sinks.
  • Buy your Best Friend Pendant – to symbolize your friendship, buy your friend a pendant. The pendant can carry the symbol of your friendship and what merges you both.
  • Keep Snapping – what else is more powerful than photographing to preserve memory? Yes, video and photos can store memories, so take some photos of you both enjoying yourself.
  • Burn a CD – prepare a CD that features all the songs and music associated with your friendship. Songs have unique power to recollect memories and they are like the gems attached with memories.
  • Friendship Tribute – yes, your best friend has been truly generous and amiable with you. So, publish a tribute to your friendship with them on Facebook or other social networking sites.
  • Call all your Old Friends – it’s a Friendship Day activity, but could surprise the ones who haven’t heard from you in years.
  • Greet your Friend Online – online media can be powerful tools to communicate. Since we are gradually integrating our lifestyle into social networking platforms, hitting your friend up online will surprise them.
  • Bind a Book – bind a special friendship book for your friend. Your book could include timeline of all the events, memorable moments, photos, quotes and poetry adulating your friend.
  • Sleepover Invitation – many of us enjoyed sleeping over at our friends house; staying up, watching movies, playing games, etc. So, why not recreate it now? Invite your best friend for a sleepover. Rent movies, bring beer; even better, arrange a barbecue.
  • Plan an Outing – you can also plan a special day with your best friend involving going outside, inviting them for a picnic. It’s a fun idea to surprise them.
  • Adventure Activities – plan activities like golf, bowling, boating, river-rafting. These activities offer a significant portion of adventure.
  • Celebrate Together – celebrating things together always strengthens a relationship. So, celebrate Friendship Day together with your friend. Going out together, visiting a park will be a great idea for surprise.
  • Play a Prank on your Friend – scaring your friend while playing a harmless prank on your friend can really surprise your friend. Harmless pranks will leave laughter all around.
  • Share a Spa Day – spend an afternoon at the spa getting massaged. Or, you can pamper in a variety of services, such as: manicures, pedicures, facials, etc. Offering your best friend a relaxing time can surprise them as they aren’t used to hitting the spa.
  • Attend a Cooking Class – food can unite people. It can bring good friends together too. A cooking class can introduce a new recipe or cuisine to you both.
  • Prepare Dishes Together – after attending a cooking class, both of you could interchange skills to cook and prepare dishes. It’s a fun way to stay engaged.
  • Get Away – schedule a weekend just to get away. It can be as lavish or modest as you could afford. A getaway weekend can help you guys catch up on many things.
  • Create a Poster – make a friendship poster using your name and your friend’s name. Then, decorate the poster.
  • Draw a Picture – it’s a period when handheld devices and camera phones dominate and hand-drawn pictures are outdated. However, drawing a picture of your friend shows that you are mindful of your best friend.
  • Prepare a Friendship Diary – make a diary that entails the memory of the day the two of you met. The diary can include the details of special memories that you share.
  • Plant a Tree Together – all the gifts, cards I instructed to give above are likely to be spoiled quickly. So, plant a tree together. As time passes, friends may diverge and grow apart. However, a tree will stand tall symbolizing the strength of your friendship.
  • Arrange a Meet-Up with Your Friend’s Desired Person – your friend may want to meet up with a celebrity or a relative or just a person who they long-sought for. If possible, arrange a meet-up, it will surprise them.
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Bottom Line – Where would we go without our friends? We go to our friends for the answers even Google can’t provide. Our friends laugh with us, share our pain, pull us up, and remind us of our ability when we forget who we are. Best friends deserve our best efforts to make them feel special. So, consider going through all the surprise ideas listed above and give your friend the best surprise he/she deserves.

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