Foxfi for Windows PC & Mac – How To Download & Use (Free 2020)

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What is the necessity of Foxfi?

Foxfi is a software application that enables the user to connect hotspot of WiFi from the device to other devices like that of the smartphone, Mac, tablet, laptop, and personal computer. This is a facility that is required when the wifi password either do not want to communicate to the third person or has forgotten by the first person itself. Thereby, a network connection can be established among individuals. The free sharing of the internet is very useful in many instances like, if there are so many members in the family who requires internet connection, it is better to have an unlimited offer and connection to all the devices with the help of this software. It reduces the cost of expenditure on the internet on a regular basis. This facility with a proper security build-up preserves the offer only to those the user is ready to serve.

What are the features of Foxfi?

  • Foxfi has introduced as a solution to Android WiFi sharing.
  • Users can connect any number of devices.
  • No restrictions on the number of connection.
  • wifi password is no more required
  • No risk

What are the advantages of Foxfi?

Over the features of the features, there are various advantages of using Foxfi application as there is no risk and hassle involved in the usage.

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In terms of computer, in order to receive the offers provided by the software, not even need to install anything in the system.

The operation of the system connects to all kinds of devices such as Mac, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Multiple connections stand as another attractive offer to the users.

Stable and fast service to its purchasers.

How to install Foxfi?

The Foxfiapplication is easily available from the Play Store. Any device can get access to the installation of the application. Irrespective of the disparity in the device, whether smartphone, Mac, laptop or personal computer, the procedure remains the same.

If the person could not have access to the internet to install the application, go to in your browser before going to the installation process.

Once installed, open the application to go to further settings.

Get access VPN connection to your system of operation.

Next step would comprise of connecting mobile hotspot to establish the service.

As part of the security, set password and give a name for your WiFi hotspot so that no one gets access to what you offer without your permission.

By now, your FoxfiWiFiconnection set up is ready.

How to share WiFi through Foxfi?

Simple and easy are the procedures to enable the WiFi service to the people surrounding.PdaNet option has to select in the USB mode to get access to the WiFi share facility.

Is it safe to access Foxfi?

Yes, it is completely safe to access the services offered by Foxfi because the security system you as the user set up in the primary stage does not allow anyone else to get access to your data without your permission and password.

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