FlipaClip Download for PC/Mac – 2020

flipaclip for pc and mac
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Want to learn animations in the simplest way possible? Try FlipaClip.

What is FlipaClip?

FlipaClip is a fun application that enables the user to create animations frame-by-frame. It supports those people who are into sketching, animating or story boarding. With the help of FlipaClip’s easy and responsive interface, it gives the users a very promising drawing and animation experience. The controls and features are quite simple yet does complex jobs to finish your animation projects. Also, it provides a wide community of similar creators who post their creative and unique work, and thus getting innovative ideas ain’t going to be a trouble anymore.

What are the features that FlipaClip provides? 

There are various features that comes within the application that helps users to put their innovative ideas and creations into a proper animation. 

These features can be listed below as: –

  • Drawing tools – the application contains a wide range of drawing tools like brushes, fill color, sprays, lasso, eraser, ruler, shapes and inserting text that helps the user to start with this very first drawing steps. It also provides its users with a wide variety of canvas options with resolutions ranging upto 1920×1920 along with stylus support. Plus, it provides the user with atleast 3 layers (upto 10 layers in premium version) to work upon different components simultaneously. 
  • Animation tools – tools included within the application such as; Frames viewer, grids and onion skin help the users to animate his work frame by frame making it very easy and smooth.
  • Insert media – it also provides the users with features to add media files like audio, images and video files to your frames. You can add audio effects to your frames to make it look livelier and also import images and video files to give a rotoscoping effect to your animations. 
  • Save and share – after the whole animation is completed, the user can choose to save their files in either MP4 or GIF format. And then it can be shared among others using various social media tools or can also be shared to the FlipaClip community. 
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Since, FlipaClip is a completely android based application so official version of flipaclip pc or mac isn’t available. But you can still use it with the help of android emulators like Bluestacks.

How to use FlipaClip on Windows?

Download and install Bluestacks.

  • Log over to the official Bluestacks site and download the proper version for your Windows.
  • Once download completes, run the file and let the program get installed into the system.
  • Once installed, let it install the Bluestacks engine.
  • Once completed, you will be followed into an in-buily android interface.

Download and install FlipaClip.

  • After installing Bluestacks, tap on the browser option or the Playstore app.
  • Search for Flipaclip on Playstore or download its apk file from the browser.
  • Once done, let it get installed into the system and then proceed by giving the application the required permissions.

How to use FlipaClip on Mac?

Using FlipaClip on Mac is quite similar to using it on a windows pc mentioned above. The steps are similar too. The only difference is when you log over to the official site, download the appropriate file for Mac. And let it install into your system. Once done, follow the steps to download the application from within Bluestacks and you will be able to use it on your Mac PC. 

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