Flappy Bird APK for Android and iOS for free

When it comes to gaming on your smartphones, the catalog is endless. Games from all kinds of genres and platforms have made their way on to mobile devices and have become available at the touch of a button. Whether it’s a simple platformer with minimalistic controls or a complex RPG with a gradual learning curve, all your needs for gaming can be easily taken care of with the vast variety of games available for you to download. 

Take the example of one such game – flappy bird.apk. The game is available on a variety of smartphones and tablets, ranging from pocket-friendly Android devices to more premium iOS devices and widescreen experiences offered by the likes of PC and Mac with the help of an emulator. Whatever be your choice of device used for the purpose of playing and enjoying video games there’s a version of Flappy Bird compatible and available for you to use. 

Features of FlappyBird

  • Wide variety

The game contains a large variety of tough to beat levels for you to deal with and go through. Carefully curated and prepared, the levels have a lot of variety included for you to play and fly through, ensuring that even though there are all similar looking levels, there is still a variety for you to compete against and beat.

  • Updated

Unlike most games that need constant updates and new content daily to make them more appealing to the masses and more enjoyable to play, Flappy Bird doesn’t need that kind of work. Last updated half a decade ago shortly after it’s initial launch, the game is easy to install and is available on almost every version of Android

  • Multilingual
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The game offers instructions and the general under interface in not only English but a variety of other languages as well. Many languages from other countries are supported, thus making it easy for you to learn the basics of whatever language you wish to and whenever you want to. 

  • Simple yet challenging

The beauty of the game as a whole is how easy it is to learn the controls. It’s simple to tap and goes mechanics that have been employed in the game, making it easier and more convenient to play the game and enjoy. However, where the controls get easy to master and handle, the game gives way to a tricky and complicated nature, resulting in challenging gameplay that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Basic Information

App Name  Flappy Bird 
Size 0.87 MB
Version 1.3(4)
Support Android 2.2+ Up to iOS 11

Download links of FlappyBird App

Please click the following links to be redirected to websites that host Flappy Bird and get the most updated version of the app at all times. 

Installation Instructions

Depending on the platform you wish to get the game on, click the link and download the version required. To install, follow the next steps 

  • Android

Installation on Android requires you to have any version above 2.2 Froyo. Any version below it will not be supported. 

  1. Download the app from the link given.
  2. Select the recently downloaded Apk file. In case the system prompts you to allow installation from external sources, follow the instructions given by your phone to enable the option
  3. Once you do this, the app will automatically install and be ready for you to use from the home screen
  • iOS
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On the iOS side of things, the game is NOT supported on devices beyond iOS11. However, if you can find a version compatible with your current iOS version, you can install the game using one of 2 ways without having to jailbreak the device

  1. Using Safari
  • Open safari and use the browser to download the app from the links mentioned above. 
  • It’ll download the app in the background for you. 
  • Once downloaded, you’ll be asked to verify and trust the developers of the app in your settings under profiles.
  • Hit accept by following the instructions, and you will be able to use the app easily
  1. Using Cydia impactor
  • Download the ipa (installation file) to your Mac or PC. 
  • Connect the device to PC using the lighting to USB cable provided
  • Download and install Cydia Impactor on your PC or Mac
  • Use the app to install the ipa file to your iOS device. 
  • Mac and Windows

The app is an Android, and iOS only mobile based application. Thus to use the same on a PC, download an “Android emulator” such as BlueStacks. You can then install the game on this emulator and enjoy the full experience of the game without any problems and play the level using a mouse and keyboard setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Yes. The game is safe to use. It doesn’t require any unnecessary permissions to run on your phone, except for that of storage to facilitate storage of your progress and high scores on the platform for easy access every time you log in.

What if it gets revoked?

On iOS, the game isn’t available for most devices if they run iOS version 11 and beyond. If your equipment is older, then any app that’s not directly downloaded from the Apple App store can fall prey to revoking. Revoking is when the app’s license expires and needs to be downloaded again to use it. In case your app gets revoked, do a fresh install from the website using Safari and follow the same instructions as the last time to verify the profiles. 

Do I need to pay anything?

Flappy Bird is a free to play game. This means everything available on it is free of cost for consumption. Everything can be accessed as required without having to pay a premium. The game doesn’t have any unlockable that need you to pay for as added DLC to make the most of.

The game is mainly available on Android and a very few numbers of iOS devices if you wish to play it. 

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