Face App for Windows PC & Mac – How To Download & Use (Free 2020)

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Tweak Your Face With Faceapp For PC

There is not a lot we can do about our faces unless we’re insanely rich and can afford plastic surgery or a complete makeover. At least in the virtual world, you can tweak around, have fun, and beautify your face owing to the strides artificial intelligence has made in recent years. The face app for pc lets you dive into the fun and experiment with your face.

Features Of The Application

Having fun with your face and tweaks, you make to it has become more fun and enjoyable with the Face App. Here is a list of stuff you can do with it.

Ø Not all of us are blessed with a mesmerizing smile. The application lets you put a smile on your face, the kind you wished you had and get a virtual look of yourself with the perfect one. Well, then, “Why so serious? Let’s put a smile on that face”.

Ø Age catches up with anybody who’s born, you get old, and none of us like what it does to our face. The face app for pc gives you a shot at turning the clock backward and appear young again in your pictures. The Age feature works on the details of your face that can make you look years younger, albeit in the virtual world.

Ø For the young ones curious as to how they’d look in twenty years, the application also allows the users to see the effects of aging on their faces. Use the aging feature to see how the old version of you would appear.

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Ø Having fun with faces is taken to a different level by face app for pc with the gender tweaks, users can see how they’d look if they were from the other gender. The application takes the features of your face in a way that makes the virtual you look like the opposite gender.

How To Use This App For PC And Mac?           

Well, understandably you want the app already and start experiment with your face. Here is a step by step guide on how to install face app for pc and mac.

Step 1 – Firstly, get your hands on the blue stacks emulator for your PC or Mac, whatever you’re trying to install the app on.

Step 2 – Once the emulator is up and running, locate My Apps, and click on it.

Step 4 – When done with it, search for “Face App”, the results will take time depending on your internet connection.

Step 5 – Once the results are displayed, go to Face App and click on install.

Step 6 – Depending on your internet speed, the application will be installed, and once it is, you are all set for the exhilarating experience of using face app for pc.

And just like that, you can get the best face-morphing application on your device. Go ahead and start experimenting with your face, put smiles, change the gender, age your face, make yourself look younger. Let the fun begin, go, and get the application.

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