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Do you love watching videos on social media and other streaming applications? While watching these videos, you would have noticed that you cannot able to download due to privacy policies. If you try to download, the original price will be very high and unaffordable. There is an easy way to record these videos while watching. The du recorder for pc does the job and it can be installed for free. Any streaming on the personal computer can be downloaded easily with the help of this application. This recorder can be downloaded and installed for free on any device.

DU Recorder For PC & Mac | Top Things To Know 1
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How to use the du recorder for pc?

The du recorder for pc is a mobile application that has been now upgraded its compatibility to use on pc and mac. The application is available for both the devices and hence it can be downloaded easily. The downloading steps are similar on both the windows and mac operating systems as follows

  • Initially, to download the du recorder, an emulator is necessary. With the help of this emulator, the app can be downloaded and installed easily.
  • In the emulator, one can easily install the du recorder. You are requested to log-in to your Gmail account before downloading the app from the play store.
  • The next step is to search for the du recorder for pc in the play store and the apple store. You can get the app in search results and press download.
  • The automatic installation of the app will get over within a few minutes. After a few minutes, one can use the app from my apps.
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Features of the du recorder

The du recorder for pc offers many features as follows

  • Multiple options: With the help of this application, the users can perform various activities like live streaming, recording videos, editing videos, and capturing the streaming on the screen of pc.
  • Audio recording: The du recorder offers the recording video options along with the audio. Hence the users can enjoy the streaming whenever they feel. Any live show can be streamed and recorded along with audio features.
  • Rooting is not necessary: There is no need to do rooting on your device. The du recorder for pc can be downloaded and installed easily without the process of rooting.
  • No logo: If you record a video using the in-built recording option of the device, there will be a time limit and specific logo on the video. But when a video is streamed using this application, there will be no watermark or logo on them.
  • Editing options: Along with screen recording options, the recorded video can be edited like cropping, merging, and trimming. Hence one can edit the recorded video depending on the requirements.

These are the top features offered by the du recorder for pc. The recorder helps us to record any live streaming of our favorite celebrities on social media and other platforms. With the help of this recorder, the process of downloading or keeping the video files or games online is made simpler.

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