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Mainstage is an application or precisely speaking a musical application that is developed by Apple Inc that can be used in live performances. You can install it into your pc and turn it into the multi-instrument processor with all the effects which you can use in all your stage performances.

There are many instrument effects that you can generate from this application. From electric guitars to drums you can make the effects of any instruments that you require while you are performing on stage.

Record with Concert 

In mainstage for pc, you can easily record all your musical performance with all the sound effects of different instruments through an option called a concert. 

Patches are used to store particular sounds in the mainstage concert. Each of these patches contains multiple channel strips, having its own effects and instruments. You can customize these channel strips by adding effects and instruments and editing their parameters as per your liking. You can modify these patches in your live performances by screen controls that are included as the visual interface at each concert.

Amazing Features of the Mainstage

There are many features of this app that you can get while doing a live performance. Some of these features are given below:

  • Amps for the guitarists

Bass players and guitarists can use different effects of pedal simulations and amps by using mainstage for pc. There is an in-built amp simulation that guitarists can use to generate amps of both modern as well as vintage sounds.   

  • Beats for the drummers
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As technology has advanced, electronic drums are becoming more and more popular as compared to regular drums. Though regular drums produce unmatchable beats, they are too bulky to carry and they can’t compete with powerful beats generated with the help of virtual instruments on a computer. 

  • Modifications for the vocalists

For professional vocalists, it is very important to get a hold on their sound to produce a good song. If your voice has unnecessary ups and downs than it can make ruin your songs. With the help of mainstage, you can craft your voice by giving it the vibes that you are looking for. There are many options available in this application that you can use to modify your sounds to give them a feel like never before.    

  • Sync with pre-recorded tracks while performing 

Nowadays many artists perform live shows by lip-syncing with their pre-recorded score. And if you are an artist who is going to perform solo then mainstage can be really helpful for you. You can easily control your tracks to stay in sync whenever you want. You can playback or repeat a section of your song with the crowd is feeling for it without any problems.

How To Use Mainstage in Your PC?

The step is very familiar with other Mac apps. Just download this from apple here. And then install an emulator on your PC. Bluestacks for Mac is recommended here as your emulator as it is super fast and smooth to use. Install Hackintosh there and then install that software on your PC.

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The mainstage for pc is a very good tool for all the professional musicians or wannabe musicians out there. This tool gives you the freedom to make your stage performance a truly rememberable one. You can record and playback your performance and add the effects of different instruments with ease using this tool. 

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