10 Things That Are Abandoned By Disney World

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The theme park industry is always growing as trends and technology continue to develop after a while. It’s safe to assume that your next ride on any known Walt Disney World attraction may just be your last ride.

No doubt, Disney is alive with magic and that magic often includes a few things disappearing… which isn’t essentially a bad thing, though.

In particular, with a few new rival wizards next door who have really given Disney a true run for their money in the past few years alone? So, in that instant, let’s hark back to for a few moments, shall we?

Disney addict or not, these should flash a few memories for some of us. Others, well, we’ll just have to picture with the help of a little bit of pixie dust. In addition, possibly a little bit of YouTube too.

  1. An Aerial Gondola Lift between Lands

Although this is a ride that doesn’t have a theme or any kind of creativity (My local amusement park here in Austin, TX has one of these at), the WDW “Skyway” is something that I’ll always wish I had gotten the chance to experience.

I adore the one at The San Diego Zoo and even the somewhat similar Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover at Disney World (the Disneyland PeopleMover closed forever in 1995) and can only wish I had the chance to try it out for myself.

The former WDW Segway provided guests between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland on a Swiss-designed airborne ropeway. The attraction was closed in 1999 but the towers remained in the park until 10 years later in 2009 during the overhaul of Fantasyland.

It is speculated that the ride was closed primarily for safety reasons after a park employee put up with a deadly fall during maintenance, but the company reiterates they had plans to close before the ill-fated incident and the Skyways at Disneyland and Tokyo Disney had already been shut down in 1994 and 1998 respectively.

What a bummer!

  1. Mickey and Minnie’s Homes

Who knew that somewhat as famous as Mickey Mouse could be expelled from his home sweet home? Yeah, it strikes a very sensitive cord in us. Although it’s never been cleared up whether Mickey and Minnie Mouse are formally married, until 2012 they preserved distinct but evenly cartoonish country houses at Magic Kingdom in the since-closed Mickey’s ToonTown Fair area.

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Although they were a little lame and somewhat vacant looking, it was pretty cool to see the abodes of America’s darling mice. Maybe the house of mouse will regain their senses one day and choose to reconstruct them as mansions!

  1. Riding in front of the Monorail

They say that no good things last forever, but I just didn’t think this should fall in this category. Although you used to be able to inquire the monorail pilot if, you could accompany them in the front that miserably is no longer the case. Not only was it a fun activity and a great view but guests were privy to a co-pilot’s license at the end.

  1. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

Inspired from the book (and Disney cartoons), “The Wind in the Willows,” it was not 3-D or even animatronics as Pooh is considered now, but it did feature a twist. When the rider had to choose the right or left line in which to place to wait their turn, they also favored their journey, as there had to choose two tracks and two experiences.

However, no matter which track was preferred the adventure always reached the same result: a face-to-face crash with an approaching train! Plenty of fans were fairly upset when the declaration was made to swap Mr. Toad with Pooh.

They featured green shirt sit-ins and sent letters of protest. The conclusion was reached, nevertheless, and Pooh moved in. However, if you look narrowly as you are moving through The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, you will observe an image hanging on the wall of Owl’s house in which Mr. Toad is passing on a “deed” to Owl.

In addition, if you’d like to see and preserve a fraction of Disney history that is no more, you can discover one of the unique roadsters from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride in the Exposition Hall on Main Street.

  1. The Adventurer’s Club

This is one that really punched hard with the frantic Disney buffs, many of who anticipate its cyclic reopening for the day, which Disney has organized a few of. So what makes the place so exciting? The Adventurer’s Club was situated in the Pleasure Island section of Downtown Disney, but it was shut down in September 2008.

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It was really exceptional and such an amusing ambiance so it’s great unacceptable that it’s disappeared. Other things that lately shut down in Pleasure Island in September 2008: Mannequins Dance Palace, BET Sound-Stage Club, Motion and The Comedy Warehouse (i.e., all the fun stuff).

As depressing as those closures may be, many are hoping for the reopening and re-decorating of the land to Disney Springs, which was proclaimed in March 2013 and was expected to double the island in size upon finishing point in 2016.

  1. Divers with personalized messages

Epcot’s Coral Reef Restaurant is strikingly similar to the Aquarium Restaurant chain in the sense that they offer the opportunity for you to dine while observing over 4,000 sea creatures swim all around you, including sharks, turtles, rays and school of vibrant fish.

However, what made this place even more exciting was way back in the day when you could make an impression on your party member with a diver share a personalized message displayed just for them.

In addition, it didn’t cost anything! Wouldn’t that have been an exciting birthday present. Alternatively, how about a “Will You Marry Me?” sign, I wonder if they ever had any of those from a few introverted men out there who were frightened to get down on the knee and propose it the old-fashioned way!

  1. Yellow Panchos Galore

Aaahhh! It goes back decades when, many of us consider observing the parks full of dazzling yellow everywhere when it arrived the timeline for a little rain. The crowds would be filled with those expensive plastic bags known as ponchos.

The dazzling yellow ones with the huge Mickey on the back are a relic from the past — the company switched to clear ponchos in 2003. In any case, with the clear ones, it is rather easier to spot your loved ones in a windy storm. Those yellow things were just impressive confusing as per my book.

  1. Individual Ride Tickets, a Time of Affordability at WDW

When WDW grandly inaugurated in 1971, each ride needed a distinctive ticket, which was not incorporated in the price of admission ($3.75 at the time, which, attuned for price rises, would be $21.66 today).

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Each ride was organized as a letter from A–E conditional on the level of excitement. The Carousel was A, Space Mountain was E. Disney’s more thrill-focused rides are still referred to by those in the know as “E-Ticket” rides.

The ticket prices vary from 10–90 cents (50 cents–$5 today). That means for the cost of purchasing one adult ticket in 2014 ($99) you could get entrance and 15 tickets to travel Space Mountain. On the other hand, 154 rides on Cinderella’s Carousel.

I still can’t suppose that a quick fast forward later (just a few decades) it costs $99 for each person to travel the Magic Kingdom! A family of four will cost $400, plus parking and all the other expensive add ons.

I’m in the incorrect business! However, with that said, there are in fact quite a few free things to do for those looking to get in on the mysterious fun without paying the bulky prices:

Show that to anyone passing over the Disney gates because of the lofty prices and I pledge they’ll lay wheels on Disney property.


  1. “The Making of Me,” a Live-Action Video About Sex and Birth

Memories of Disney’s kinky days, who could not remember them. You can browse for a 15-minute video shown in the Wonders of Life pavilion at EPCOT, host Martin Short pulls a Marty McFly, traveling back in time to observe his own outset using real footage from his birth. The pavilion has been shut down since 2007, but you can still observe the whole thing on YouTube here.

This was the most exciting thing to ever to appear in Disney if you ask me! It is time to #reopen it!

  1. Powdered Pink Soap!

Until 2001, all bathrooms at Walt Disney World were decorated using powdered pink Borax soap instead of liquid hand soap, which was easier to scrub off the floor. The light pink soap had to be scraped after the 9/11-era Anthrax scare. I guess they also felt the need to step into the 21st century too, perhaps.

Bottom Line

Disney World is a subject of imagination, reality, and excitement. Thousands of people from all over the world visit this place to capture a piece of Disney World. It has come a long way and went through many renovation. Its changes are worth remembering.

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